Ecotraveller Pro Treat Portable Toilet Chemical review

Over the years, we’ve tried a number of different portable toilet chemicals, and some time ago I was receiving Facebook ads for the ‘best toilet chemical’ and wanted to try them out. Fortunately, my folks also saw the ads, and purchased some, and have been using them for a number of months now.

I managed to scab a couple off them to test, and we’ve been running them in both of our Thetford 365 portable toilets for a number of months now, full time on the road.

In short, these are a big improvement over anything else we’ve tried. The smell is substantially less and ‘nicer’, there’s no measuring or mucking around with liquid spilling from bottles and they really do a good job overall.

These are suitable for all styles of camping toilets including what you’d get in a caravan. On that note, if you want to know more about using camping toilets, we’ve got a post to help you out.

Protreat Toilet Chemicals
We’ve been using the ProTreat toilet chemicals for a while now

What form are they in?

These come in small degradable bags. You literally remove one from a sealed packet, and drop it in your toilet.

The instructions say to add a few litres of water in to allow them to break down, which certainly aids the process, but we’ve found also fills your toilet up more and can be ignored with minimal difference in results.

Your pee and flushes eventually add up to enough water to make them work anyway.

Toilet bags that you use
They are biodegradable bags

You need to add water

When you drop these in, its recommended that you add some water to get the sachet dissolving, and the process happening.

We didn’t do this for a while, and you certainly notice the difference. These days, we normally add about a litre of water in, and it gets the process breaking down much better, especially if there is limited wee going into the toilet.

I don’t really like adding extra water because it reduces the amount of time a portable toilet lasts, but if you don’t, it smells way worse.

How much do they cost?

You can get a heap of different packages on the website, and you can have fun trying to beat the system by adding different things to your cart.

Regardless of what we tried though, they all seem to end up about the same price due to some clever marketing. You will get another offer when you go through to the cart though, and you can up that quantity and down the other, and save a fair chunk.

You’ll generally be paying about $1.75 per sachet, and we purchased quite a few in bulk (sharing with my folks) to make it as economical as possible.

Now, on this point alone, the cost of toilet chemicals for your caravan or portable toilet vary a lot. We’ve seen the Walex Porta Pak chemicals for $32, for just 15 chemicals, so $2.13 per dose.

On the flip side, Supercheap Auto sell a liquid for $17 for a litre, which makes it only 34 cents a dose. If you buy their 5L container, its only 20 cents a dose, which makes for a massive difference in pricing.

Eco cleaning solution for washing the toilet tank

Since my folks started washing their cassette out with chemicals, Sarah’s been at me to do the same, and we purchased a bottle of the Eco wash cleaning solution to try.

This is a 4 in 1 product that you can use for everything from cleaning your bathrooms to washing the cassette out etc.

I put a tiny amount in after rinsing the cassette, swirl it around and then tip it out, and flush it again. It certainly seems to remove a lot more of the ‘stuff’, and the toilet tends to smell better for longer.

I know with our original Porta Potti, which had ‘stuff’ left in it for weeks at a time when we’d come home and forget about it, that it did start to smell a lot worse than one that is regularly washed out.

Green or yellow

If you are shopping for these, you’ll notice that they sell green and yellow ones. The yellow ones are designed for those who mainly use their toilets for wee, and the greens are for normal, complete toilet use.

Is it the best toilet chemical out there?

Well, I’m not going to go that far. We’ve still had the toilet smell pretty bad at times, and the heat certainly makes it worse. We’ll now in the process of trying a few more chemical types when these run out, and let you know if we find the best caravan toilet chemical!

EDIT – The Walex Porta Pak absolutely destroys the Ecotraveller ones in terms of keeping the smell at bay.

Going on from the pricing above, if its half the price and marginally less effective, we might still get swung in one way or another. We’re in the process of testing some other toilet chemicals, and will do a post on it when we have firmer results.

What do you use? Are you happy with it?

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