Luci Lights; our favourite camping lights

When it comes to camping lights, we’ve had more brands and different types than I care to remember. Some we still use, and others are sitting in the shelf in the garage, gathering dust. Our latest purchase though, has been brilliant, and we love them – Luci Lights.

I actually grabbed three at the same time from Snowys, and we keep them all in our Reconn R2 Hybrid Camper Trailer, and use them outside as required.

Please note we purchased these three lights with our own money, and this is an unbiased review.

Luci Lights
Our 3 Luci Lights

What are Luci Lights?

Luci lights are small, portable, inflatable and solar rechargeable lights. They weigh next to nothing, can be deflated to the size of an average hand and have a range of features that make them very useful for lots of different applications.

Luci Lights
Testing the Luci Lights out in our wardrobe

Why are they so good?

They are light and tiny

The Luci Lights are 12.7cm by 10.8cm when inflated, and 2.5cm tall when deflated. They weigh practically nothing too, to the point that they would easily blow away if you left them out in windy conditions.

Because of their weight and the fact that they are inflatable, you can leave them pretty much anywhere without fear of them damaging anything when they bounce around.

Luci light deflated
Our coloured Luci light deflated and next to a normal phone

They are surprisingly durable

When I first picked the lights up, I thought we’d purchased a poor quality product, but the more I use them, the more I realise this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The inflatable section is far stronger than you might think, they are happily dropped and bounced around, and we might have even floated a few down some rapids with no issues.

Luci Lights
They are extremely tough

No more cables

I’m tired of cables. We have so many different chargers, and it gets old real fast. The Luci Lights charge from the sun, and can be easily left on your dashboard, or outdoor kitchen, or wherever else gets some sun throughout the day.

Cable free lights
Not having any cables is awesome

They have different brightness settings

The Luci Lights have two buttons. One is to check the charge left, and the other is to turn it on. With the latter button though, you can cycle through 3 different power modes, and then a flashing one.

Camping lights have come a huge way, but I find they are often so bright that its unpleasant. There’s nothing nicer than kicking back around the warm, low light that comes from a Luci Light. 

Light adjustment
With 3 different modes of brightness they are super useful

They run for ages

We often forget to put ours out to charge, and they last for a long time. On low, you’ll get 24 hours run time. On medium it drops to 12 hours, and on high 6 hours. This means you can comfortably do a few nights without worrying about charging them up.

What colours can you get?

You can get the Luci colour option, which cycles through a range of colours (or sits on one set colour), or you can get the Outdoor 2.0 which is a bright white light, or the nice warm yellowy light that comes from a Luci Lux.

The coloured light has lots of options

Where can you get them from?

Of course, like most of our camping gear, Snowys is the place to go. You won’t beat their customer service or their pricing and we picked up three in one go from them several months ago.

Alternatively, you can buy them direct from

Are they worth it?

When I first unpacked these lights, I wondered if they were really worth the money. At 30 odd dollars each (and now quite a bit more), they are pretty basic looking, but after using them for a year, we really rate them.

EDIT – We’ve now had these for nearly 5 years, and they’ve been flogged by our kids. One did get ‘popped’ when a kid stood on it, but they all still work great, and have been brilliant.

If you are looking for a light weight, super portable and solar powered LED light, you can’t go wrong with a Luci Light! We’d probably rate them the best camping lantern in Australia, and we’ve used a few!

Of course, they might not suit your needs at all, and that’s just fine. We need some dull, warm lights for putting the kids to sleep, and they work perfectly.

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