Camping Near Perth; the perfect weekend locations

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7 of the best camping spots near Perth

Looking for a great Campsite near Perth? Here’s 7 that are between 3 – 5 hours

60 of the best camp sites near Perth

I’ve done a lot of camping over the years, and often driven hundreds of kilometers away to get to the destination. However, Perth has plenty of camp sites that are under a 3 hours drive, meaning that you can easily get away with a weekend without having to pack everything and the kitchen sink.

Regardless of what you want to do, there are a lot of places that you can spend a few days to relax! I know a lot of people want to know more about Camping Near Perth, which is where this post comes in. If you have any locations that you would like to share please leave a comment below, and I will add them!

Camping near Perth
A great weekend away, south of Perth

Camping on the Coast near Perth


EDIT: Technically you are not allowed to camp at Wilbinga.

Wilbinga is probably the closest camping spot to Perth, on the beach. You can get there in less than 40 minutes, and there is a variety of camping spots ranging from right on the beach, behind a few dunes or off some of the tracks. There are a number of camping spots that are enclosed by rocky formations that stick out, meaning you will never have four wheel drives going passed on the beach.

The beach at Wilbinga
The beach at Wilbinga


Guilderton, or Moore River is a very popular camping location. There is a Caravan Park which you can camp at, and I wouldn’t advise camping outside of this in the area, or you risk a fine from the ranger. Alternatively, you can camp at Moore River Ranch, which is spectacular. Moore River has some good fishing, both in the river and where the river meets the ocean.

There is plenty of four wheel driving on the beach and through various tracks too. Guilderton gets very busy during peak times; it’s not the best place to go for some peace and quiet! To drive to Guilderton, it only takes about an hour. Of course, if you want you can drive from Wilbinga along the beach.

Ledge Point

Ledge Point is a small town just south of Lancelin. As with Guilderton, you cannot legally camp outside of the Ledge Point caravan park without risking a fine from the ranger. 

You can drive south from Lancelin and get near Ledge Point, but they have blocked it off with rocks right near Ledge Point.  Ledge Point has some good fishing, plenty of four wheel driving and is well known for the many shipwrecks that you can dive on.

The beach south of Ledge Point
The beach south of Ledge Point


Lancelin is one of the more popular places to visit if you own a four wheel drive. Again, you can only camp at one of the Caravan Parks. Gone are the days where you could camp legally along the beach towards Wedge Island; it’s all been banned.

Enjoying the Lancelin Sand Dunes
Enjoying the Lancelin Sand Dunes

Wedge Island

There have been a number of changes to this great location. Please read Changes to Wedge Island for more information. In essence though, you are no longer allowed to camp in the area. Wedge Island is a great place just north of Lancelin. Just recently the inland track has been closed by the defence force. You are allowed to drive to Wedge Island on the beach when the firing range is not in action, but otherwise you must take the track from the new Indian Ocean Drive.

Wedge Island has a number of shacks that were built by residents from Lancelin, who visit them on weekends to relax. It has great fishing and snorkelling, and a lot of people take their boats there. Off road motorbikes used to be allowed at Wedge Island, but have been banned due to the high number of serious accidents involving them. The ranger now issues on the spot fines if you are driving one around!

Looking over towards Wedge Island
Looking over towards Wedge Island


Grey is similar to Wedge Island in many ways. Again, there are many shacks that have been built, which people live in from time to time. To get to Grey, you simply drive north of Wedge Island along the beach or the inland tracks. Please note, camping is not technically permitted here; its only those who have shacks that are allowed to stay in the area.

Grey beach
On the beach at Grey


Cervantes is a great little coastal town, which is well known for its Stromatolites and Pinnacles. You are restricted to camping at the Caravan Park here though, as beach camping has been banned.

The famous Pinnacles
The famous Pinnacles at Cervantes

Sandy Cape

This is one of my favourite destinations, run by a caretaker right on the beach. The fishing is fantastic, the beaches are great and there are plenty of 4WD tracks in the area.

Sandy Cape on the beach
Sandy Cape with the Hilux

Martin’s Tank

Martin’s Tank is located near Preston Beach, some 110km south of Perth. It is right on the bank of Lake Yalgorup (which has varying water levels depending on the seasons). It has a camp kitchen, gas BBQ’s, dining & picnic tables, and 30 individual camp sites. 9 of these will suit caravans or camper trailers, and 4 sites are set up for ‘group’ camping.

Camp fires are permitted in season, and generators are allowed too (except in the small tent sites). The area is popular for bush walks, bird viewing, easy access to Preston beach and be sure to check out the Thrombolites.

At Martin's Tank, WA
Martin’s Tank


If you are looking for a quiet camp site not too far away from Perth that has it all, I’d highly recommend Belvidere. This is located in between Leschenault Inlet and Belvidere Beach, and is located in the trees. Fire wood is provided (and fires are allowed in between 6PM and 10AM during the fire season).

You can drive onto Belvidere Beach, or head north to Buffallo Beach, and even continue further on to Binningup. There are two sets of toilets, a number of different sized sites that would suit caravans and the camp sites are well spread apart. Pets are not permitted. The wildlife is great here, ranging from kangaroos through to a whole range of birds.

Belvidere Camping
A local at Belvidere

The Cut

The cut is located right on the Leschenault Peninsular, where the inlet meets the ocean. Access to the cut is only via boat or walking (and I believe you can bike ride there too!). There are toilets, picnic and BBQ facilities. Bird watching, fishing and crabbing are popular here.

White Hills

White Hills is a beach located south of Perth, just passed the Mandurah Cut. From Perth, it takes around an hour to get to the beach. You are not allowed to camp too close to any town ships, or in the dunes, but a lot of people still camp there. White Hills has some good fishing and diving, and is a very popular destination for a day trip.

Snorkelling at White Hills
Snorkelling at White Hills

Camping Inland near Perth

Avon Valley National Park

Avon Valley National Park has a number of camping spots throughout it. The Avon Valley has a number of four wheel drive tracks, which are fun to play around in. You can camp at Bald Hill, Drummonds, the Valley or the Homestead.

Walyunga National Park

Walyunga National Park is like a cross between Serpentine and Dwellingup; its well worth a stay for a few nights, or just a day trip!

Enjoying a night at Walyunga
Camping at Walyunga National Park

Farmstay in Jarrahdale

If you are looking for a cheap camp site very close to Perth, this might be it. For only $10 per night (and children are free) you can stay on a private property just out of Jarrahdale, enjoying the seclusion amongst the Jarrah trees.

Mundaring Powerlines Track

The Mundaring Powerlines Track is located about 45 minutes east of Perth, and takes about 5 hours to complete. People will camp on (or slightly off) the track from time to time.

It is not really the ideal camping location though, because people go through the track at all times of the day (night runs are not uncommon on the weekend). However, if you want to spend a few days on the track then it is worth camping over. See the Mundaring Powerlines Track for more information.

A water crossing at Mundaring
A water crossing at Mundaring


Waroona Dam is a popular place to camp, and it is only a good hour’s drive from Perth. You have to pay to camp around the Dam, but it is worth it. The dam is primarily used for water skiing, so if you have a boat it is a great place to go.

However, be prepared to be woken at the crack of dawn to a V8 ski boat warming up! The dam is fresh water, and is great to swim in. Waroona Dam is also very popular for fishing – fresh water fish are regularly caught, ranging from Red Fin Perch through to trout.

Kicking back at Waroona
Kicking back and enjoying a fire at Waroona Dam

Wedge Tailed Eagle Retreat

Located just out of Boyup Brook is a quiet farmstay that will take you into another world. The farm is home to a huge variety of animals that you can get up and close to. Fishing is great in the Blackwood river, and you can catch yabbies in the local dam. Camping fees are $20 per night.

Private camping near Perth
Private camping 3 hours from Perth

Logue Brook Dam

Logue Brook Dam is very similar to Waroona, but it takes a bit longer to get there. A lot of people camp around Logue Brook Dam and water ski all day long. It is quite a nice dam, and is well worth a look.

Logue Brook Dam
Logue Brook Dam


Dwellingup is one of my favourite camping locations near Perth. In fact, it’s only an hour’s drive from the city. Dwellingup has become that popular today that you have to book most of the sites (which is handy given that it is packed over any long weekend!). There are quite a few camping grounds within the national park, and you pay a small fee to stay there.

Most camp sites have a drop toilet, and are within a few hundred metres of the river. Dwellingup is well known for canoeing down the rapids, four wheel driving, Downhill Mountain biking, tyre swings into the water, hiking trails, fresh water fishing and some good swimming. The temperature changes considerably in Dwellingup – in winter it is very cold, and in summer very hot.

The camping locations in Dwellingup are Baden Powell, Charlies Flat, Chuditch, Tony’s Bend, Stringers, Yarragil and the Captain Fawcett Track.

Island Pool is great for swimming
Island Pool is great for swimming

Harvey and Brunswick Junction

The area in between Harvey and Brunswick Junction has a huge number of four wheel drive tracks, and plenty of places to camp. In many ways, this area is like Dwellingup, except not as many people visit and there is a much greater variety of camping locations. There is a fair bit of private property around the place though, so you need to be careful where you are driving.

The Brunswick Junction area is great for camping, catching Marron, four wheel driving and motorbike riding. If you want somewhere that is a bit quieter than Dwellingup, then it’s a good place to visit. Take a look at Brunswick Junction for more information.

There is plenty of mud in the wet
There is plenty of mud in the wet

Honeymoon Pool

If you are after a peaceful camping location not too far away from Perth, Honeymoon Pool is it. Honeymoon Pool is one of the better camping locations; it’s quiet, right next to the river and is the perfect weekend getaway. The nearest four wheel driving tracks are near Brunswick Junction, which makes it the perfect base camp.

Honeymoon Pool early in the morning
Honeymoon Pool early in the morning

Nannup Lavender Farm

This farm is another of the south west’s hidden gems, and is set up as an adult only camp ground. The scenery is stunning, being close to Carlotta Creek Valley and the Munda Biddi Trail. The birds are alive here, and for $20 per night you can have your own piece of paradise.

Potters Gorge

Potters Gorge is a gorgeous camp site located right next to Wellington Dam. The area is open, with no individually marked camp sites. Fires are permitted (in season) and swimming, bush walking and kayaking are popular.

Stockton Lake

Stockton Lake is an old open cut mine that has been filled with water, to form an artificial lake. The camp site has toilets, but no individually designated camp grounds.


Congelin is another DEC camp site located in Dryandra, near Williams and Narrogin. This place is popular for wildflowers and the viewing of animals. Bandicoots, wallabies, boodies, bilbies and rufus hare wallabies breed here in a compound that protects them from predators. There are fire pits, toilets, room for Caravans or camper trailers but no drinking water is provided.

Westways Wildflowers

If you are into wildflowers, there is no better place to see them than on this private farm stay in WA. The farm consists of 1900 hectares of active farm land, and at only 200km north of Perth it is readily accessible. Camping is available at a designated campsite, which has benches, shade and a dry toilet.

Lake Navarino

Lake Navarino is primarily known for its water skiing lake, but is also popular for mountain biking, hiking, horse riding and fishing. It is located on private property in between Dwellingup and Waroona, and is pet friendly too.

I know that I have only covered a small portion of the places for camping near Perth. I would love to hear more about your favourite spots; please leave a comment below.

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  1. Hi Anthony,

    Unfortunately, there aren’t too many places any more that you can camp on the beach near Perth. Wilbinga is the only place that really comes to mind. Sandy Cape is great, but a longer drive, and the only option south (which is a couple of k’s from Preston Beach) is Martins Tank

    Best of luck

  2. Hi mate looking for a spot to camp on the beach and fishing somewhere nt to far from Perth in the next 2weeks

  3. Hi Trisha,

    A lot of the DEC campsites are accessible with a 2WD vehicle.

    I’d look at Honeymoon Pool, or one of the quieter Dwellingup Camp sites.

    Have fun!

  4. Hi Aaron,
    I was wondering were a good place to camp in May would be,
    – we only have small cars (no 4 wheel drives)
    – would like somewhere quite- not a buisy caravan park
    – preferably close to perth
    Do you have any ideas?
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Hi Aaron,
    thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I had to break up my holidays in Perth.
    Maybe next time 🙂

  6. Hi Ben,

    You want to look for the DEC campsites, however you will need a car to get to them. What transport do you have?

    Take it easy

  7. Camping spots accessable by public transport /walking?

    I was just wondering if you know any nice camping spots around Perth where I don’t need a car to get there?
    – free unoffical spot with a creek around for water supply
    – budget camping spot where you pay not more then 15$/n.p. as I’m traveling alone right now and the most camp sites are suitable for 2-3 people and thus the prices starts 30$ and up.


  8. Hi Carl,

    Myalup is a great place. The only place you can camp is at the Caravan Park which is very close to the beach. There is a car park right next to the beach, and plenty of space to fish and relax!

    Enjoy mate

  9. Hey Aaron,

    Was thinking of popping down to Myalup for a few days but only have a commodore to travel in. Do some fishing and some bloke time ( you know, to contemplate the things of life…..NOT!!!) Is the beach far from where I can park and is there camping aloud down there????


  10. Hi Aaron
    Will check out that link. In regards to what we want to do, bit of fishing, 4wd, exploring. Fire definately essential this time of year, don’t want to be freezing my butt off.

  11. G’day Lee,

    What do you want to do when camping? Check out Camping in WA. At this time of year you would want to go somewhere that you can have a fire – Brunswick, Dwellingup, Honeymoon Pool etc.


  12. Hi
    Where’s a good place to go camping in WA this time of year?

  13. Hi Tim,

    A lot of people camp at Wilbinga, but whether it is legal I really don’t know. I think it is just tolerated. Give the shire of Gingin a call to make sure! Asides from that, the closest place would be Sandy Cape, which is north of Jurien Bay. You can no longer camp at Wedge Island, Grey, Cervantes or Hill River. Of course, you could pay to stay at a Caravan park, but it’s not quite the same. A place I do recommend is Lucky Bay – just south of Kalbarri. Not just a few minutes drive though!

    Have a good one

  14. gday aaron just wondering about the most recent regs when it comes to camping on the beach north of perth. where is the best spot and relatively close without breaking any laws..
    great informative site too.


  15. G’day Steve,

    Yep, gas seems to last a long time. Of course, it does depend on how many people you have with you and what you are cooking. I have been to Breton Bay, several times. Never fished there – must give it a go!


  16. that is a good looking stove i cant believe a 9 kg bbq bottle will last months. just use petrol 4 the convenience. Have u been to breton bay between seabird and ledge good spot fishing

  17. G’day Steve,

    I found a photo of one similar to mine, albeit a bit newer and less abused! A big bottle of gas lasts for months, even using it to cook every meal of the day. I guess that is why they are so popular. However, I bet not too many people have heard of the petrol burners!


  18. i would like to see a pic of your ancient Coleman 2 burner gas cooker. i can always find a bit of petrol but not always gas. And gas is much more expensive out of the city. I also luv wilbinga and some other places between there and ledge point.

  19. G’day Steve,

    Thanks for the idea – I will definitely think about it. I use an ancient Coleman 2 burner gas cooker, which does just fine. I can’t say I’ve had much to do with unleaded cookers, but they sound like a good idea.

    Have a good one

  20. totally off topic but what do you cook on i am into coleman dual fuel stoves that run on petrol or shellite i also have a single burner optimus petrol stove ppl come and ask me what it is and i tell them its a stove that runs on petrol i always seem to get the camping spot to myself. aussies are very scared of petrol stoves but they are widely used in usa and europe. one of the fuel stoves i use is from 1937 and still works well. Maybe an equipment page should be started

  21. Hi Mitch,

    Honestly, I can’t think of anything. The only place that springs to mind is Brunswick Junction, which is not really near Perth or a beach/river.

    Sorry mate

  22. Hi Aaron,

    Do you know any places south of Perth that have good camping and motorbike riding? preferably close to the beach or river? We have 4wd’s, quads and 2 wheelers.



  23. Hi LG,

    Thanks for the comment – I will have to check this out. It certainly looks like an awesome camping spot

    Have a good day


  24. Belvidere Beach, part of Leschenault Peninsula Conservation Park, is a lovely spot for a quiet couple of days.
    Turn onto Buffalo Road near Australind.
    Camp sites are suitable for tents, camper trailers, and small vans (NO drive through sites).
    Fire rings, picnic tables and toilets. BYO drinking water and firewood.
    Firebans apply, so a gas bbq is a good idea from November to April too.
    Tropical strength mosquito repellent is a must due to the risk of Ross River Virus in Spring & Summer periods.
    The beaches are accessible by 2wd to the carparks, then 4wd on the beaches themselves.
    No Pets Allowed – it is a conservation park.

    Beware – many ‘natural bush’ type camping areas are not suitable to take dogs due to DEC’s 1080 poisoning program.

    “Western Shield involves aerial and hand baiting on almost 3.5 million hectares of Department-managed land. Baiting operations take place four times a year throughout the State from as far north as Karratha to Esperance in the south. Smaller nature reserves are baited more frequently. ”

  25. Hi Ernest,

    The closest place to Perth you would be able to camp near the beach would be Sandy Cape, but it’s a decent drive up there. Wilbinga would be too far to walk – the tracks go for miles. Everything in between Wilbinga (except at a caravan park at Moore River) and about 20km north of Grey is banned for camping as far as I know.


  26. Hi Aaron,

    I am keen on camping on the beach but do not have a 4×4. Are there any spots north of Perth that you know of where I can park my car close by and camp on the beach?

  27. Hi Dan,

    From what I have heard, camping at Hill River is no longer permitted.


  28. can i legally camp at hill river near cervanties at easter?

  29. Hi Kallon

    I don’t personally take my dog to these camping sites. Some will tolerate it, some will not and some will even get you fined by the ranger. It’s best to give the local shire a call before doing it, just to be safe. As for directions to Mundaring Powerlines Track, see this link – that should get you there. Have fun!


  30. Hi, I was sent the link to your website by my missus,, HINT HINT.. it’s very helpful, can you tell me are the campsites in and around bush animal friendly as we like to go camping with our dogs too. and could you also give directions to the mundaring powerlines track, that looks prety cool, i have a 2000 prado v6 and would like to test out it’s capability.. thanks alot.