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7 Amazing Camp Sites within 3 – 5 hours of Perth

We are lucky in Western Australia to have some truly epic places to camp. From stunning beach camping through to amazing dams and pristine rivers, WA has infinite camping options.

A few weeks back we covered 7 Fantastic Camp Sites Near Perth, which were all within around 2 hours drive of the city. This week, we look at 7 Amazing Camp Sites from 3 – 5 hours away from Perth.

If you still can’t find a great place after reading these two posts, check out 30 unbelievable camp sites in WA.

Even still, if you want something closer to Perth, check out 60 of the best campsites near Perth.

Contos, Margaret River

The coastline near Margaret River is world renown, and has some of the most beautiful beaches in Western Australia. Now, you can camp not too far from the coast, at Conto’s, a Department of Parks and Wildlife camp ground that has recently been upgraded.

There are 116 camp sites, with toilets, tables and camp kitchens to be shared. The camp ground is split into 8 ‘regions’; Chuditch, Davies, Hamelin, Isaacs, Quenda, Wanil, Whalers and Whistlers. 

Camping is $15 per person per night, and sites vary from grassed and shady to open and gravel. All of these are 2WD accessible too.

Margaret River is an amazing place; you can do everything from fine dining to surfing, caves, mountain bike riding, exploring the beaches and forrests and of course, plenty of fantastic 4WD tracks. You can find out more about them here; Margaret River 4WD Tracks.

Peppermint Trees at Conto's, Margaret River

Set up amongst the Peppermint trees

Camp kitchens and tables at Conto's in Margaret River

Camp kitchen and tables ready to go

Margaret River rough coastline

Some of the coastline can be rough and rugged here

Margaret River 4WD Tracks

Enjoying the many 4WD tracks around Margaret River

Boranup forest 4WD Tracks

Driving through the Boranup forest 4WD tracks

Lake Jasper, D’Entrecasteaux National Park

Some 2 hours away from Augusta lies the largest fresh water lake in the southern part of Western Australia. The lake is high clearance 4WD accessible only, and is located in a pristine part of the world. You can only stay here in tents – Caravans, Camper Trailers and sleeping in vehicles are not permitted.

Once a popular place for water skiing, its now only accessible in a kayak and canoe. Fishing for freshwater cobbler is popular, as is bird watching and the various 4WD tracks around the place. Just watch the water crossings, or you may end up in a predicament, like we did!

Camping is $11 per night, and fires are banned year round. There is also a National Park entry fee if you don’t have a National parks pass. You can’t book this camp site; its first in first serve. There is a drop toilet here, along with a day use area, picnic shelter and information.

Lake Jasper in the south west

On the banks of Lake Jasper

Camping at Lake Jasper

Not a bad view from our camp site

Kayak and Canoe at Lake Jasper

Bring the kayaks and canoes

Bogged in our 80 series Land Cruiser

Yeah, don’t do this; trying to take a shortcut around the lake

The Warren, Pemberton

In terms of picturesque camping, The Warren may just take number one place. Located roughly 30 minutes from Pemberton along the Heartbreak trail, The Warren is a small 6 camp site location suitable only for tents. The sites are not huge, but enough.

On our trip to Yeagarup we spent a few nights camping here, next to the beautiful Warren River. We saw no one for several days, and loved the peace and tranquillity, along with the birds and various other wildlife. Despite coughing up for freshwater fishing licenses and trying every bait and lure known to man kind, we couldn’t catch even a Red fin, even after seeing several of them swimming around in the river.

Fires are permitted between April 15 and November 30, but there may be individual restrictions depending on the weather. Bookings cannot be made, National Park Fee’s apply and there is a drop toilet.

If The Warren is full, you can stay at Drafty’s, which is just back a little on the Heartbreak trail (although you have to do the full loop as its one way). Drafty’s is beautiful too, with an absolutely amazing camp kitchen, but it is bigger and busier.

You can read more about this camp site at our full post; Warren River Camp Site.

Amazing river along the Warren in Pemberton

Mirror finish on the Warren River

Marron fishing in Pemberton

There’s marron around too

Amazing fire watch trees in Pemberton

Climb the big fire watch trees; its amazing

Amazing wrens and birds in Pemberton

Stunning little wrens everywhere

Fresh Water fishing in Pemberton

Trying my best at fishing, with zero success

Big Brook Arboretum, Pemberton

In 1986, Big Brook Dam was built to provide water supplies to Pemberton. Trout and Marron fishing are popular, as is relaxing on the ‘beach’ and enjoying the various walking trails. Located just 10 minutes from Pemberton, this place is well worth a stay.

Fires are permitted in season, and all styles of camping are welcome. Picnic tables, BBQ’s and toilets are in place to use. Bookings cannot be made, and camping is $11 per night. There are no National Park fee’s here.

There is plenty to do around Pemberton; climb the big fire watch trees, visit Yeagarup and the coast, take a train ride through the forest, enjoy the quiet town and grab a bite at the bakery!

On the banks of Big Brook dam

Map of Big Brook Dam Pemberton

The Big Brook Dam map

Fire watch tree Pemberton

Up the top of one of the fire watch trees

Parry Beach, Denmark

Parry Beach is located almost in the middle of Peaceful Bay and Denmark, on the southern coast of WA. It’s a pretty unique camp site, run by the shire with a strong history attached to commercial salmon fishing. The camp sites are underneath beautiful peppermint trees, although the height limitation is 2.7 metres if you have a big van.

There are hot showers (solar powered; so pick your times carefully!), flushing toilets, BBQ’s and a beautiful beach to explore. Located just down the road from Greens Pool, Parry Beach is truly a great spot to call home for a few days.

Camping fees are $20 per couple per night (or $110 per week), and fires are permitted with much greater freedom than the DPAW sites. You can usually buy firewood from the little shop too.

If you want to know more, check out our post at Parry Beach, Denmark.

Parry Beach camping

The entrance to Parry Beach Camp Sites

Parry beach camping

Our home away from home

Parry Beach fishing

Fishing for herring and squid at Parry Beach

Amazing beach at Greens Pool in Denmark

Greens Pool; one of WA’s best beaches

Waychinicup National Park, Albany

50 minutes north east of Albany lies a truly amazing National Park. Waychinicup is a coastal paradise, with fantastic beaches, a brilliant and unique inlet, great 4WD tracks and plenty of wildlife. We spent several nights camped here, and loved every minute of it.

Facilities include a picnic tables and a long drop toilet. Camp sites are small, and not suitable for camper trailers or caravans. Big tents would struggle here too; we found two sites that would take our Oztent RV5, but none of the others would suit.

Expect to see Quenda’s, lizards and plenty of bird life around; its a stunning little spot. Waychinicup Inlet is accessible by 2WD unless flooding occurs, and then you need a 4WD.

We’ve written a full post on Waychinincup, which you can read here; The Wonders of Waychinicup.

Waychinicup Inlet has some fantastic camping

Waychinicup Inlet; a stunning place

Waychinicup National Park 4WD Tracks in Albany

4WD Tracks through Waychinicup National Park

Quenda Bandicoot at Albany

Lots of Quenda’s come out at night

Waychinicup Bird Life

Beautiful little wren at Waychinicup

Little Bay Horrocks

Last, but not least is Little Bay, located just north of Horrocks. There are 3 camp grounds set back in amongst the trees, just metres from the beach.

This is shire run, and camp fee’s are cheap as; something around the $5 per person per night. Fishing is fantastic here, and you can launch smaller boats with ease. There is a toilet here, and a fair bit of shade.

Little Bay Horrocks camping

Enjoying the sunset at Little Bay, Horrocks

Little Bay camping in Horrocks

It’s quite the place

Enjoying Cobia fishing from Horrocks

A nice Cobia taken from our tinny

Camping in Horrocks

Our camp right down the bottom; perfect location

How many of these have you stayed at? What did you think of them?

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