Broome Caravan Park Review; is it a good option?

We’ve stayed at Broome a number of times now, and always enjoyed it. It’s a small place, with a relaxed feel and you don’t usually feel inundated by people (except for this year, but more on that later).

Normally we’d stay at Cable Beach Caravan Park, which we love, but this year they introduced a 7 day minimum stay, which is simply too long for us. We need time to re-stock, kick back a bit and then we move on, usually after 2 or 3 nights so that was ruled out.

Our next best option was the Broome Caravan Park, which is located just out of Broome, on the main highway in. Its next to the speedway, and has great reviews without the nasty stealing gear issues that some of the other caravan parks have.

It’s run by Summerstar tourist parks, and has a pretty good reputation overall.

Broome Caravan Park
The entrance of Broome Caravan Park

We rolled in from the south, and with multiple other people trying to check in it took some time, but all went smoothly. They’d partially messed up our booking, and put us in the overflow, but at least we were next to those we were travelling with, so all good.

Camped at Broome Caravan Park
Our site in the overflow at Broome Caravan Park

Where is Broome Caravan Park?

The Broome Caravan Park is just off Broome Road (on Wattle Drive), and you literally drive right past it on the way to Broome. It is set back, out of the main town, and takes about 10 minutes to drive to Cable Beach or Town Beach.

It’s more than close enough, but you won’t be walking to the beach, like you can at some other Broome Caravan Parks.

Sunset at Broome
It’s on the road into Broome, about 5 minutes from town by car

What amenities do they have?

Broome Caravan Park have all the usual amenities that you’d expect, including several toilet and shower blocks, washing machines and dryers, a dump point, washing lines, swimming pool, grassy areas, BBQ area, WIFI, drinking water, kiosk and so on and so forth.

Broome Caravan Park Pool
The pool is loved by many

What’s great about the caravan park?

It’s safe

Broome has developed an interesting reputation for theft and petty crime in some areas, and there are a number of Caravan Parks that really struggle with this. Broome Caravan Park tends to be a bit quieter in this regard, because its well out of town and isn’t as easy of a target.

It’s well run

The park itself is run quite well. Asides from the booking confusion (which is minor in the scheme of things) we really had nothing to complain about. The amenities are kept clean, the staff are fantastic, the pool is great and its a nice place to kick back and relax at.

It’s nice enough

We don’t go to Caravan Parks for amazing grass, or power, or stunning pools. Broome Caravan Park is nice enough, but not super fancy that we feel out of place arriving in a camper trailer and 4WD that is filthy!

Lots of room at Broome Caravan Park
It’s a big caravan park

What’s not great about it?

Road noise

Being right near the main road, you will hear some road noise. There’s only one way in and out of Broome, and that’s right past (one street away) from the Caravan Park.

The road noise is not enough to really annoy you, but if you are close to the road, and sleep light it might wake you up.

Lots of people

Much like the rest of Broome, you should expect to share the caravan park with a huge number of others in peak season. The population in Broome would normally triple, and I’m sure this year it probably 5x’d and every single caravan park was packed to the rafters. This isn’t a bad thing for many, but it can be a bit of a shock if you’ve been on a remote beach camping and arrive one day!

Speedway noise

The Broome Caravan Park is right next to the Speedway. It doesn’t operate all the time, but when it does, you will hear it.

Broome Caravan Park
Lots of people at Broome Caravan Park

How much does it cost?

The rates here vary considerably from peak to off peak, and powered and unpowered, but they start off at $20 and work there way up to $40 for a powered site in off peak, and more when its peak.

Powered sites
Powered sites at Broome Caravan Park

We have a love hate relationship with Broome

Up until our last visit in Broome, we absolutely loved the place. However, with the travel restrictions Broome has become insanely popular, and we shared the town with about 7 million (not really) other people, which made it far less enjoyable than previous visits.

We still love the town, but you really need to pick when you are going to avoid some of the crowds. For us, we’ll probably just visit for a night or two to stock up, before moving onto the amazing camp sites on Cape Leveque!

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