Cable Beach in Broome; one of WA’s best beaches

I’ve got to say it; Cable Beach is one of my favourite beaches in WA. It is absolutely magnificent, and if you’ve been there you’ll understand why. Yes, its extremely popular, and can be very busy, but its still a magic place that everyone should see and experience a sunset on.

If you are heading to the Kimberley, check out the Ultimate Kimberley guide that we wrote, which covers everything from where to get fuel, what is amazing, tours you can do, where to get water and food, the Gibb River road, tyre pressures and heaps more.

Cable Beach 4WD
Cable Beach in Broome is one of WA’s best beaches

4WD access is easy

Cable beach 4WD access is super easy. You just drive down the main road, around the carpark and straight down an open gate onto the beach. You can travel north for a huge distance, and find your own slice of paradise in just a couple of minutes.

As a result of the easy access, come sunset, hundreds of 4WD’s pour onto the beach for drinks, snacks and even dinner, along with photo’s, swimming and just having a good time on the beach.

Cable Beach access
Drive down the concrete ramp onto the beach

Lots of room

No matter how many 4WD’s pour down the hill onto the beach, there’s always room for more. Cable beach is absolutely massive, and you can be guaranteed to have your own slice of beach without much effort at all.

Cable Beach in Broome
Room for days, with everyone spread out

Amazing tidal flow

The huge tides at Broome make for some pretty impressive sights. You can park your 4WD right near the water, and a few hours later the water will be a hundred or more metres away. This leaves amazing marks in the sand, beautiful water pools and some of the best scenes you’ve ever seen.

Broome sunset
The tide is nothing short of amazing

Spectacular sunsets

You can’t beat the sunsets at Cable Beach; they are absolutely magnificent. Couple it with a few clouds or a bit of smoke and you have some of the nicest sunsets in the world.

We would have spent at least 6 sunsets on Cable beach, soaking it all up and appreciating the magnificence. The first trip was our 2015 Kimberley trip without kids, and the second was 3 months up north with a toddler and camper trailer. If you are keen to know more about what we spent, what was amazing, where you can get fuel etc those two links are worth a read.

Its rock hard

When I say rock hard, I mean literally rock hard. We saw Hyundai vans and scooters being driven along the beach, and despite it not being allowed it is possible. This means you don’t have to let your tyre pressures down; we comfortably cruised along the beach at 42 PSI and never once dug in at all.

Of course, be prepared to let your tyres down, and if you can see a part of the beach is getting chopped up, let your tyres down. You don’t want to be the one 4WD of 100 that is stuck and trying to dig themselves out while everyone is queued up behind!

Driving on Cable Beach is easy, and a lot of fun. One other quick point; just because its hard doesn’t mean you can speed. The beaches in WA are limited to 40km/h and if you exceed this you can be fined, like a normal road.

Land Cruiser at Cable Beach
It’s like concrete on Cable Beach

People are friendly and relaxed

Broome is an amazing place, and come sunset at Cable beach you’ve got a whole heap of people heading down for a good time. There’s a general respect and calmness that you often don’t see on other beaches, and everyone is down there to have a ball.

If you want somewhere a bit quieter, head to Gantheaume Beach, not too far away. The sunsets are just as good, but its a bit less known and when its peak season you’ll be very grateful of places with less people!

If you haven’t been to Cable Beach in Broome before, add it to your bucket list. It is truly amazing. We usually stay at the Cable Beach Caravan Park, and highly rate it. For many though, Broome is the beginnings of a Kimberley trip, and this part of the country is one of my favourites. 

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