Coalmine Beach Holiday Park in Walpole

If I’m totally honest, I’m not overly fond of most Caravan Parks. Our setup allows us to camp off the grid, and we prefer it this way.

However, there are a few caravan parks around the country that I am very happy to stay at, and Coalmine Beach Holiday Park in Walpole is one of them (especially over peak periods, when you want a guaranteed camp site!). 

We’ve stayed there a couple of times now, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The park itself is great, and the area around it is even better.

Walpole is a quiet, picturesque location that is absolutely perfect for a break away from the big smoke. There’s something about the region that just doesn’t compare to anywhere else, and if you’ve had the pleasure of spending some time in the Denmark/Walpole region you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Coalmine Beach Holiday Park camping
Relaxing around camp at Coalmine Beach Holiday Park
Local Kangaroos in Walpole
A couple of locals at the park

About Walpole

Walpole is a small, brilliant country town home to around 400 people. It’s spread close to the Walpole Inlet, which is a beautiful body of shallow (mostly) water leading out to the southern ocean.

The whole region is covered in huge, old, beautiful trees (including the Tingle) which makes it one of the most scenic areas around.

You can get to Walpole from Perth in just under 5 hours by car, and around 420km. This makes it within reach for long weekends and longer stays.

Walpole Inlet
Walpole Inlet is absolutely beautiful, especially from a boat

What’s Coalmine Beach Holiday Park like?

For us, Coalmine Beach Holiday Park ticks pretty much all the boxes. It’s got good amenities, big sites with a bush camping feel, a fantastic location, great atmosphere, plenty of peace and quiet, a boat ramp nearby and its far enough away from town to get out of the real hustle and bustle.

They have camp kitchens, BBQ areas, an outdoor playground, recreational room, facilities for camp fires (and you can buy wood there), WIFI, a small shop on site, gas bottle refills and a free outdoor cinema in peak seasons.

You can camp in powered or unpowered sites, or stay in a huge variety of chalets and glamping tents. For camping, prices start off at around $35 a night, but it can vary a lot. Pets are not permitted.

Outdoor Playground at Walpole
A great little outdoor playground for the kids
Walpole amenities at Coalmine
Good amenities at Walpole Caravan Park
Coalmine Beach Holiday Park
Plenty of perfect nights spent at Coalmine Beach Caravan Park
Holiday Park Walpole
Sitting around a fire at the Holiday Park

When should you visit?

Walpole is beautiful year round, but it does get colder and wetter over winter time. September to May are brilliant months with more mild temperatures and less chance of rain, but that doesn’t guarantee you won’t get any.

Wildlife at Coalmine Holiday Park
There’s lots of great wildlife to enjoy

What’s worth taking down?

If you have a boat, kayak, stand up paddle board or even a surf board, bring it. The Walpole Inlet is fantastic for spending hours exploring and lazing around, and if you have a larger boat and plenty of experience heading out into the ocean is popular. 

Fishing in the inlet is fantastic, with lots of black bream, Skippy and flat head to be caught. 

Walpole boats
If you have a boat, take it!
Walpole fishing
A good feed of Black bream caught at Walpole

Nearby attractions

The tree top walk is not too far away, and is a truly awesome experience. Walk some 40 metres above the ground and enjoy the amazing tree’s and scenery. 

The giant tingle tree, conspicuous cliff and the many 4WD tracks make for lots of great places to explore. With great beaches, plenty of places to swim in the inlet and nearby Nornalup and Denmark, Walpole is well and truly worth staying at.

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  1. Good to hear Alex. It’s amazing down there.

    Enjoy yourself!

  2. I’m currently in Denmark. This is yet another invaluable blog post. So grateful you write Aaron.

    Thank you!