Lake Preston Lime; unique camping between Myalup and Preston

Earlier in the year we stayed at a very unique and amazing camping location on some private property not too far from Perth. Lake Preston Lime blew us away in every way possible, and today we are sharing it with you.

Lake Preston Lime is a huge, beautiful property that everyone including the kids will thoroughly enjoy.

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Please know these photos were taken in January, when things are fairly dry, and it’s still stunning!

Lake Preston Lime Camping
Lake Preston Lime is an unbelievable place
Looking at the lake
Camped right by the Lake

Where is Lake Preston Lime?

You’ll find this place literally next door to Lake Preston. In the photo below, you can see the house is on the ridge overlooking Lake Preston, and in the distance is the ocean. 

It’s 130km, or an hour and 20 minutes from Perth, and is located almost half way between Preston Beach and Myalup Beach, but behind Lake Preston. You can drive to Preston beach in about 16 minutes, or its only 9 minutes to Myalup Beach. 

Located only a couple of minutes off Old Coast Road (where the Forrest Highway joins onto), and only 30 minutes from Bunbury its extremely well located.

If you are looking for camping at Preston Beach, or somewhere between Mandurah and Bunbury you won’t find a better location!

Preston Lime and Lake Preston
The property backs right onto Lake Preston

Why is the property so amazing?

Blair and Sue have opened up their incredible home to campers, and have created a destination like nothing else that we’ve been to. The freedom that you have to explore and appreciate the location is huge, and there is a lot more going on at the property than you’d expect.

To start with, on warm summer days you can swim in a couple of their dams, which are incredible.

Swimming holes
You can swim in the various dams

Then, they have a huge 1944 C-47A-25-DK plane that they had transported to their front yard, and then re-assembled. If you remember the plane that was at Midland McDonalds, then this is it.

You can walk around it, and even access inside the plane, which the kids loved. Where else can you camp next to a giant plane?!

A giant plane
A giant plane in their front yard
Camp sites from the plane
Amazing views from the plane
Inside the plane at Preston Lime
The kids loved exploring the inside of the plane

There’s a heap of industry at the site, including firewood chopping, limestone block production, the lime mine and quite a bit more. 

Lots going on at Preston Lime
There’s so much going on at the property, like making limestone blocks and firewood chopping

On the way into the property, you’ll come across a tiny hobbit house, which is absolutely spectacular. Blair built it into a hill for ‘fun’, and for his grand children. You can enter and soak it up, read a book or use some of the facilities.

The hobbit house
There’s even a Hobbit house built into the ground
Kicking back in the hobbit house
You can relax inside the hobbit house

There are a heap of animals around the property which the kids absolutely loved.

Enjoying the pigs
There’s a heap of animals for the kids to enjoy
Ducks and Chooks on the island
There’s a heap of birds on the property
Machinery at Preston Lime
There’s a heap of huge machinery around
A big bucket at Preston lime
Our kids standing in the massive loader bucket
Lime mine at Preston
The lime mine at the back is huge, and fascinating

Blair often comes around for a chat, and takes people on tours in his 4WD buggy around the property, which is nothing short of amazing. The hospitality, freedom and stunning property make this a truly unique camping stay.

Lake Preston Lime has its own air strip, and Blair runs a flight training program with students often landing on the air strip not too far from the house.

There’s also a couple of big, old boats you can explore, amazing gardens and more space for the kids to run wild than you could ever ask for.

Please ensure adequate supervision though; this sort of freedom shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Lake Preston Lime camping and amenities

To camp here, you need to be self sufficient. You get access to the amazing location, but have to bring everything you need with you.

There is a shower and toilet inside the hobbit house, but its a bit of a walk away, and it should only be used in emergencies.

Fires are permitted in the big fire pit when the season allows for it, and dogs are allowed, but must be kept on a leash. Generators are also permitted, but use them with respect of those around you.

There’s a huge paddock where you can camp, and a lot of people end up around their fantastic, man made lake.

Alternatively, you can camp further away for a bit more peace and quiet. The birds on the island like to make a fair bit of noise, which we thoroughly enjoyed!

Camped at Preston Lime
Our camp site at Lake Preston Lime
Camped by the Lake
Lakeside Camping at its best

How much does it cost?

In the past, Lake Preston Lime was essentially free, with a donation box inside the hobbit house. Today though, you’ll find it on Hipcamp, and they are charging $20 for two adults per night.

Camping cost at Preston Lime
It’s cheap as, and 100% worth it
Long term camping near Perth
There’s a number of people staying here for longer stays
Preston Lime
We reckon this is one of the best camp sites around

Nothing we’ve been to compares to Lake Preston Lime. To have access to so much amazing property, be taken on a tour of what goes on and in such a good location is truly special.

I held off writing this post as I wasn’t sure whether the owners wanted more people to visit, but now that its online and bookable, go for your life.

Just look after it, and pass on a huge thanks to the owners for what they’ve set up; it really is incredible.

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