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Four Mile Camp in the Fitzgerald

We are lucky to have so many amazing places to camp in WA. We’ve slowly been exploring them all, and one of our most recent stays was at Four Mile Camp in the Fitzgerald River National Park. I didn’t have a huge amount to do with the booking or looking into the trip, as it was organised by my parents, but we fell in love with this place.

If I’m honest, I thought it was a bit sterile initially, being so close to town, bitumen (2WD) access and popular with tourists. We normally try to go to places that are less busy, away from the hoards of 2WD vehicles, and further into nature. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Four Mile Camp though; its in a brilliant location.

Four Mile Camp in Hopetoun

Amazing views over Four Mile Camp

Where is Four Mile Camp?

You’ll find this neat little spot only 10km West of Hopetoun, right on the edge of the National park, and set back about 150 metres away from Four Mile Beach. It’s about a 6.5 hour drive from Perth, and makes for a great stop for a few days.

Barrens Beach

Where the amazing coastline is (near Hopetoun)

What’s there?

Four Mile Camp has the usual bush loo’s (which are very well maintained and that have decent ventilation), BBQ’s, picnic facilities, and wait for it; a hot shower! This is a family sized one, and is gas powered, meaning you can have a hot shower any time of the day!

This is the only DPAW site that I know of in the south that has hot showers. The only other one except for those in the Kimberley is located at Henry White, near Yanchep. Nothing beats a hot shower at the end of a day playing at the beach, and for what you pay its a steal.

Four Mile Camp Map

Four Mile Camp Map

Four Mile Beach

A short walk from camp to the beach

Four Mile Camp Cost

The cost to camp is $15 per adult per night, or $9 per concession, or $3 per child between 3 and 16. Not bad, considering everything you get, its location and what there is to do in the surrounding area.

Barrens Beach

A short walk down to Barrens Beach, a great day use area

Four Mile Camp Ground

Four Mile Camp; our site for a few days

What’s nearby?

Being just inside the Fitzgerald River National Park, Four Mile Camp Ground has extremely quick access to all of the Eastern side attractions, and its only a few minutes into Hopetoun itself. This means its easy to duck in for a meal, to pick up groceries, or to head west to explore more amazing places, like Mason Bay, Starvation Bay and Munglinup Beach.

Hopetoun itself

The centre of Hopetoun

Munglinup Camp

Munglinup Beach, another amazing camp site

Whales at Point Anne

Go whale watching at Point Anne

Quoin Head 4WD track

One of the most spectacular 4WD tracks we’ve done to date is Quoin head. This starts off the main road through the Fitzgerald River National Park, and is an easy drive on a gravel/sandy track up until you get near the headland.

From there, a number of obstacles and steep hills must be navigated, and you’ll eventually pop out at the bottom of a hill, with one of the most beautiful beaches around right down the stairs.

Quoin Head 4WD Track

Heading down to Quoin Head on a great 4WD track

Quoin Head Beach

At the end of the 4WD track is this amazing beach

Whalebone Beach 4WD track

If you are up for a bit more adventure, you can head down to the inlet, and along the edge of it, then further east. You’ll come to a big, soft hill climb that can be easily done with a bit of right boot and the right tyre pressures.

This track takes you all the way down the coast, and you’ll pop out at a dead end loop, with some ferocious, and incredible coastline.

Quoin Head 4WD Track

Absolutely insane coastline seen by 4WD

Exploring the area by 4WD

At the end of the line, exploring a hidden natural spa

If you are looking for a great place to camp for a few days while you enjoy the area, Four Mile Camp should be high on the list!

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