40 Mile Beach; unbelievable coastal camping near Karratha

Western Australia is king of beach camping options (you can find 23 great options at Beach Camping WA). There’s more amazing coastal camp grounds than you could explore in months of full time travel, and despite trying our best we still haven’t seen them all.

We recently stayed at 40 Mile Beach though, and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. If you are looking for an easy to access coastal camp that has a boat ramp, plenty of spots to camp, fishing to die for and a chance at mud crabs, this might be for you!

Gnoorea Point
Camping at 40 Mile Beach, or Gnoorea Point
Our camp at 40 Mile
Our camp site at 40 Mile

Where is 40 mile beach?

You’ll find this place 65 kilometres West of Karratha, at the end of 40 mile beach road.

40 Mile Beach Mangroves
There’s a heap of mangroves at 40 mile

How is the road into 40 Mile Beach?

The road into 40 mile was excellent when we did it, and the grader was busy doing the last parts of it.

Given the number of different vehicles in there though, its obviously maintained relatively regularly and would be classified as a good condition gravel road.

40 Mile Beach Road in
The Road into the main camp is kept in pretty good condition

What vehicles does it suit?

Any vehicles would be OK to get into 40 mile beach. Expect some corrugations, but big RV’s, buses, 4WDs, caravans and boats would be just fine to tow in providing you drive to the conditions.

40 Mile Camp and Toilets
We saw all sorts of vehicles at 40 Mile, including big buses
40 Mile camp site
There’s lots of room for all different size vehicles

Where can you camp at 40 Mile Beach?

I was astounded at the sheer size of the camping area at 40 mile beach. It is massive in the main section, and then you have a smaller camp on the right hand side as you come in, and there are more camp sites along the mangroves than you can poke a stick at.

Heading south you’ll eventually get to a sign that says no camping beyond this point, and that’s as far as you can go. All of the sites that you can camp at are numbered, and labelled for easy use, but there’s a lot of sites, and they are all pretty decent size.

Lots of room
There’s more room to camp at 40 mile than you can poke a stick at
Tides at 40 mile
Exploring the tidal flats

What amenities are there at 40 Mile Beach?

40 mile has a boat ramp (nothing special; basically a beach launching area), a couple of dump points and toilets and that is it. There is a full time caretaker to give you any advice or information that you need, but there are no other amenities.

Rubbish Bins at 40 Mile
You have rubbish bins, toilets and a dump point
Dump points at 40 Mile
Two dump points, which get used a lot

Do you need to book?

Booking is essential, and is done online. 40 mile can be extremely busy and if you don’t book in advance, expect to be turned away.

Pork on the fire
If you want a spot, make sure you’ve booked
Sunset at 40 Mile
It’s well worth the stay

40 Mile beach fishing

The fishing at 40 mile is hugely popular, and for good reason. If you have a boat your options are pretty much unlimited. If you are just shore based, you still have plenty of options and we caught a couple of trevally and a nice mangrove jack with limited effort, just flicking lures off the beach and rocks.

Fishing at 40 Mile
There’s lots of good fish to be caught
Mangrove Jack at 40 Mile
A nice Mangrove Jack that Daniel hooked very quickly
Exploring the Mangroves
Walking through the endless Mangroves
Fishing on the beach at 40 Mile
Fishing from the beach

40 mile beach access

Just below the main camp you can drive your 4WD onto the ‘beach’ which is a short track before heading back up the top. There’s a heap of rocks that you wouldn’t be able to drive on anyway.

If you want proper beach access though, head out away from 40 mile beach and turn left at the mini camp on the way in. You can drive north and south from here along the beach which is quite compact, and find plenty of places to kick back on your own, or to wet a line.

On the beach at 40 Mile
40 Mile Beach is easily accessed, just East of Gnoorea Point

40 Mile beach mud crabs

A huge number of the camp sites are right next to the mangroves, and then further south there are a handful of creeks. This is all mud crab territory, and we did hear of people getting them right out the front of camp. 

We chose to head out at night a couple of times and walk the creeks, which was a lot of fun despite the bugs. We managed to get a couple of mud crabs, but spent a long time trying to ID them as it was our first time catching them. 

We were just using a scoop net, and we picked them up in the creeks themselves. We spent many hours during the day trying to find them in holes with no success, but we are total amateurs when it comes to mud crabbing!

Exploring the creeks
You’ll get muddies in the creeks and mangroves around 40 Mile
Small crabs at 40 Mile
We saw heaps of these little crabs too
Hermit Crab at 40 Mile
Don’t be surprised to find these at your camp site too

Is 40 Mile Beach worth a stay?

Gnoorea Point and 40 Mile Beach is another spectacular coastal camp site, that’s different again to so many other places that we’ve been to. I’d say its easily as good as Cleaverville, and has some similarities to Cape Keraudren and Pardoo Station.

Our kids had a ball exploring all of the different areas, we had fun fishing and its close enough to head out to explore other parts of the Pilbara coastline.

Mangrove fun
Our kids loved the Mangroves
40 Mile Rock pools
The rock pools are well worth exploring too
Sturts Desert Peas
The amazing Sturts Desert Peas are common, and beautiful
Kicking back at 40 Mile
We loved 40 mile, and will be back

Want to see more? Here’s our YouTube video of the beautiful 40 mile beach area:

YouTube video

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  1. Hey Lloyd,

    Thanks mate.

    That’s an interesting question, and not one that I could answer with much accuracy. I don’t recall there being double gees, but there certainly could be in parts.

    I’d suggest you call the ranger services, on 9186 8555; they’ll be able to give you more information

    All the best, and safe travels!

  2. Lloyd Mansfield says:

    Hi Aaron. Enjoying following your big lap and will use your info when we head back to the beaches of SA. We are heading to 40 mile south of Karratha for a stay with mates. One says there are Double Gees everywhere. We were going to take our dog, so want to make sure she doesn’t spend her time with saw paws. Did you notice they were bad when you were there?

  3. Fantastic but how where do you hook online??