Koreelah Creek

I was curious to know what the NSW camping would be like, after racing through it on our way into Queensland about 6 months before. Our first stay after that was Koreelah Creek, and we were impressed just by the drive in, from Darlington Park.

As it turns out, this place sets a pretty high standard for camping in NSW, and got us excited to spend a number of months exploring it all. Asides from the beautiful scenery, it had great swimming and some fantastic places for the kids to play.

Our beautiful camp site at Koreelah Creek
Koreelah Creek was a pretty stunning part of the world, with great camp sites
Nice views at Koreelah Creek
Views from our camp

Where is Koreelah Creek?

You’ll find this stunning place not far from Killarney and Woodenbong.

Condamine River Road
Its also quite close to Condamine River Road, which is brilliant

What is the camping like?

I really rate this camp site. It’s got just 8 camp sites, but they’re all within about 15 metres of the creek, are really big, have a mix of sun and shade and are in an area that is really picturesque.

Great camp sites at Koreelah Creek
The camp sites are big, relatively shady and just a great place to be

Amenities at Koreelah Creek

You’ll find fire pits here at each camp site (although they’re small, and some people have built bigger rock ones), and two drop toilets up the end of the camp site.

Drop toilets at Koreelah Creek
Pretty standard, but in good condition drop toilets

Koreelah Falls and swimming

Just a few hundred metres away from camp site number 8 is the day use area, and a short walk down to the water. The falls are here, and they’re easy enough to get to, with a beautiful little creek in the shade and a big pool at the bottom that is easily deep enough to swim in. Many spots were well over 3 metres deep, and whilst the entry and exit requires a bit of care, its well worth the effort to have a dip.

Koreelah Creek Falls
The falls are very picturesque, and a great place to swim
Swimming at Koreelah Creek
Even in November there was plenty of water to swim in
Looking back up the creek
The creek just above the falls is very pretty

Bookings and cost

This needs booking in advance, and costs $ per night. There is zero phone reception at camp, so book before you get here, or you’ll be driving around trying to find some on a hill. We only paid $15.60 for the night for our family, which is very reasonable.

A few days later we went to Sheepstation creek, and paid $30.60 per night, which is (in our opinion) expensive, and I’ve got no idea why its so much more.

Camp site number 7
Camping at Koreelah Creek is a lot cheaper than many NSW national parks

What’s worth doing nearby?

We left camp one morning and headed to the Condamine River Road 4WD track, which is exceptional, relatively short and very easy. We then headed to Brown falls and did the scramble to the waterfall, which is beautiful.

Condamine River 4WD track
The Condamine River 4WD track was absolutely worth doing
Scrambling to Brown Falls
Scrambling our way to Brown Falls, which was fantastic
Brown falls from the side
These are a really picturesque waterfall

We then continued up to Daggs Waterfall, and did the walk to Queen Mary Falls and around, which was also beautiful. A short drive back to camp, and we kicked back with a swim and an ice-cream; tough life!

Daggs Falls lookout
Looking down on Daggs Falls
Queen Mary Falls were awesome too
Queen Mary Falls are certainly worth a look too

Koreelah Creek is great

What more can we say? If you want a small, quiet campground with everything you’d need and more at a reasonable price, with spectacular falls to see nearby a few nights at Koreelah Creek is completely and utterly worth doing.

Birds at Koreelah Creek
A beautiful little bird at Koreelah

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