Wollomombi Falls and Campground

Keen on a spectacular waterfall, a nice campground and a couple of great walks? Wollomombi Falls and Campground is for you!

The Waterfall Way is a popular tourist drive through New South Wales, which goes past (and almost through) a number of waterfalls that vary in size and beauty. Wollomombi Falls and Campground is one of the more common spots for people to pull in for a night or two, and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there.

Wollomombi Falls views
Wollomombi Falls are pretty incredible

Where is Wollomombi Falls?

This attraction is quite close to the main highway, and is just over 30 minutes drive East of Armidale. It’s a short drive into the falls, or the camp ground.

What does it cost to camp, and online booking requirements

This campground needs to be pre booked, online. You do get some reception at two of the camp sites here, but its not that great and you shouldn’t rely on it. This is one of the cheaper camp sites, and cost us about $15 a night (compared to the normal $30 a night). 

Camping at Wollomombi
The camping here is pretty reasonably priced

What amenities are at Wollomombi Falls Campground?

Each site has a fire pit (check the fire ban) and there’s a drop toilet in the centre of camp. There’s also timber provided for fires, but look after it!

Wollomombi Falls Walks

From camp, you can walk to a lookout that is literally 2 minutes away. Alternatively, you can walk the 500 odd metres to the start of the other walks, or drive down there. There’s two directions you can walk, with a couple of different destinations on each. We did the first two spots either way, and quite enjoyed the walks. The views of the waterfall are good, with the Main waterfall viewing platform pretty spectacular.

Wollomombi Falls Walks
There’s a number of different walks
Looking at Wollomombi Falls
They’re another spectacular NSW attraction

A friendly Lyrebird

We’d read that there’s a friendly Lyrebird that lives at camp, and were very pleased to see it on a number of occasions. It’s clearly very friendly, and three of us managed to walk up within about a metre of it, and sit on the road, watching it dig for worms.

It literally grabbed about 50 worms in a couple of minutes whilst ripping the dirt up, and we felt very lucky to see it so close up.

Watching the Lyrebird
Our first experience with a Lyrebird up close was amazing
Lyrebird digging for worms
We sat nearby whilst it dug for worms for several minutes
Worms for a Lyrebird
It ate a heap of worms in fast succession

Is it worth a stay?

This was a pretty nice place to stay, and the walks were good. I’m going to say that Mann River is a far more picturesque camp site, but the views are worth a look. We spent two nights here as there was a heap of rain forecast, but of course, we didn’t get any of it!

Amazing country at Wollomombi Falls
The country here is magnificent, and we really enjoyed our stay
Wollomombi Falls are worth a look
It’s certainly worth a stop

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