Woodenbong Campground

We love small, country towns, and when we drove through Woodenbong and saw the little campground tucked away I said to Sarah, we should stay here on our way back. We did exactly that, and despite it not being our normal style of camping, we thought the Woodenbong Campground was absolutely fantastic.

Woodenbong Campground
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Woodenbong Campground

Where is Woodenbong?

This beautiful little town is 2 hours South West of the Gold Coast, amongst a really stunning part of the world. We’d just come from Koreelah Creek, and were thoroughly enjoying our introduction to the Camping in New South Wales.

What’s the campground like?

This is a nice, quiet campground on the edge of an already quiet town. It’s small, but grassy, clean with decent amenities and everything you need. We had a nice unpowered site in the corner, with views of what looks like a new oval that they’re building.

It’s nothing flash, but its certainly not anything to complain about, and we really liked the campground.

Woodenbong Campground
Its a nice, tidy place to be

Woodenbong Campground cost

Talk about cheap. To camp here, you’re up for a whopping $10 per night for an unpowered site, and $15 for power and water. You can’t beat it.

Playground and public pool

Right next door to the Woodenbong Campground is a decent playground for the kids, an outdoor gym for the adults and a public pool, which we made use of for several hours, to get out of the warmth and to keep the kids happy.

Overall, Woodenbong Campground is a fantastic place to pull in and stay a night or two. We used it to do our washing and to have a relaxed stay, and would highly recommend it.

Camped at Woodenbong in the corner
Enjoying our stay overnight

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