Behrs and Geehi Flats; Our favourite NSW Camp site?

The Alpine Way is a stunning part of the world, and is best enjoyed over a couple of days if possible. Our first choice of campground was Behrs Flat, which is absolutely sensational, and almost as good as it gets. We’d quite literally call this one of the best camp sites in NSW, and that’s no small feat.

Amazing camping at Behrs Flats
Behrs Flats is one of the best camp sites we’ve ever been to in New South Wales
Incredible camping in New South Wales at Behrs
There’s not much that trumps this

Behrs and Geehi Flats are basically one

The first camping area from Khancoban heading south is the Geehi Flats, which is at the bottom of the hill, just before you cross over Swampy Plains Creek. In actual fact though, there’s a number of campgrounds that lead off from this point, with Geehi Flats being the first, and main one that most people refer to.

Geehi Flats Camping Area
Geehi Flats Camping area is right next to Behrs

If you cross the small creek, you enter another massive open area that follows the creek called Behrs Flat, and you can keep going along the Major Clews Hut 4WD track and you’ll get to a number of other spots.

We had a number of people walk across to Behrs Flats from Geehi, and I’m going to say they’re both basically the same camping. However, Behrs is more private with less people because of the water crossing, and because its further off the road. Also, they aren’t the same site when it comes to actually reserving a spot online.

What’s at the campgrounds?

Both of these beautiful campgrounds have old, historic huts. Geehi has Geehi Hut, and Behrs has Keebles Hut. They’ve also both got fireplaces in some camping spots, drop toilets and access to one of the most pristine, beautiful creeks you’ll ever step foot in.

Geehi Hut is worth a look
Geehi Hut is pretty stunning, and easy to get to
Keebles Hut at Behrs Flat
Keebles Hut is in the centre of the main campground at Behrs
Camping at Behrs Flats
There’s a heap of more private spots like this, and a big open grassy area to camp on at Behrs
Toilets at Behrs Flats
Both Geehi and Behrs Flats have toilets within walking distance

There are some deeper sections in the creek, with the corner at Behrs being a big, deep bluey green pool that was as good as it gets for swimming.

Pristine water hole at Behrs Flats
The water hole at Behrs Flats in the middle of the creek is truly phenominal

Do you need a 4WD?

For Geehi Flats, you don’t need a 4WD. We saw a number of motorhomes come in, and there’s somewhere for everyone here, making it a great rest stop along the Alpine Way. If you want to get to Behrs, you really need a 4WD to get across the river crossing, and the entry on Geehi Flats side was getting chopped out a bit when we left.

Geehi Camping area
There’s no issues getting any type of 2WD into spots at Geehi Rest Area

You might be able to sneak a 2WD in through the horse camp entry, but I’m not completely sure as we didn’t take that way out.

Behrs Flats really needs a 4WD
You really need a 4WD to get to Behrs Flats though

Costs and bookings

You need to book to stay here (although I bet many don’t). It’s unallocated camping, and it’s a $6 camping fee for as many days as you choose to stay. You should know that there is zero phone service here, or anywhere nearby, and unless you have Starlink you aren’t going to be booking anything.

Make sure you allocate the right camp ground when booking; Geehi Flats is not Behrs, and vice versa.

Book in advance for Geehi or Behrs
You need to book online, in advance to camp at Geehi or Behrs

Major Clews Hut 4WD track

If you want to do a bit of exploring, you can head north from Behrs Flats, and you’ll get to Old Geehi Hut, and then later on Major Clews Hut. From here, you can either return, or take the medium rated 4WD track back up the hill to the Alpine Way, before driving back down on the bitumen to camp.

Water crossing north of Behrs
You’ll drive through a few crossings
Looking at the Old Geehi Hut
Not long after you’ll arrive at the Old Geehi Hut, which is worth a look
Major Clews Hut is very fancy
Major Clews Hut is quite fancy


We did all of it, and whilst the lower section is rated as easy and the upper section as medium, it was all virtually doable in 2WD, with no obstacles. That said, given the erosion marks I could see from water, I have no doubt that the track from Major Clews to the Alpine Way could deteriorate badly if it wasn’t maintained regularly.

On the Major Clews Trail
The Major Clews Trail is pretty easy
Major Clews Track
The last part is steep, but very straight forward

How does it compare to Tom Groggins?

If you are going to pick one place to stay on the Alpine Way in between Thredbo and Khancoban, stay at Geehi Flats, or Behrs (with Behrs being the best choice, in our opinion).

We stayed at Behrs and then moved to Tom Groggin, and whilst it’s a nice enough place, its got nothing on Behrs. Its dustier, dryer, has worse river access and there are way more people there. I wouldn’t go as far as to say its terrible, but Behrs and Geehi are so much nicer.

Tom Groggin Campground
Tom Groggin is OK, but it was disappointing after moving from Behrs Flats

Would we recommend a stay at Behrs or Geehi Flats?

I’d fairly comfortably put Behrs Flats in our top 10 campgrounds in NSW. It is that good. Our spot was magnificent, with great water access, privacy, some grass, and plenty of shade.

We spent two days camped here, hopping in and out of the refreshing water, and completely and utterly fell in love with it. Geehi Flats is virtually the same, but I’d go back to Behrs in a heartbeat. It’s pure bliss.

Rapids at Behrs Flats
The kids loved going down the rapids at Behrs Flats
Incredible water at Behrs Flats
How could you not fall in love with this?
Chilling at Behrs Flats
The ultimate place to chill out

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