Florence Falls in Litchfield National Park; a magic and busy place

Florence Falls is one of the most popular destinations within Litchfield National Park, and one that we seriously rate.

After snapping up one of the last 3 camp sites at the old Florence Falls 4WD camp, we parked the camper trailer and headed off in search of some cool water to have a dip.

The car park was full, but we snared a unique parking position, and wandered down. A minute or two on the walk and you arrive at the lookout, which blew me away.

Florence Falls from the lookout
Looking down at Florence Falls from the lookout

135 steps later and you end up at the bottom of Florence Falls, and it is truly mind blowing. The water is clear, cold and flowing from the falls beautifully.

There were more people than I could count which was a bit of a turn off, but everyone was having fun and enjoying the amazing location.

People set up hammocks over the little creeks, and made themselves at home for the day; huge meals were being served, eskies were everywhere and people were just kicking back and having fun.

Florence Falls in the day
Lots of people enjoying the falls
People at Florence Falls
There were more people than you could count

Getting to Florence Falls

The drive into Florence Falls is really easy; its the first turn off from Bachelor side, and the last from Berry Springs side. You can park at the picnic area, the falls park, or the day use area in the old 4WD camp site.

To walk to Florence Falls, you have 3 options. Walk down 135 stairs from the top carpark (which isn’t actually too hard), or walk down along the river from Buley Rock Hole along the Shady Creek walk, or walk from the Old 4WD camp site (which is probably the easiest and nicest way!).

Walk signs at Florence
There’s a few ways to get to Florence Falls
Florence Falls 4WD camp
We preferred the short, flat walk from the 4WD camp

Florence Falls Camping

There are two camp grounds at Florence Falls; the main one at the end of the camp ground road, or the old 4WD Camp site, which is a right turn just before the main site to the lower level.

Both sites have showers, water and flushing toilets, and are quite nice. The old 4WD one has the great walk to the falls, and we really loved it.

Camping at Litchfield
A great spot to stay at with easy walking to Florence Falls

Getting Florence Falls to yourself

Everything is better away from the crowds, and if you can get Florence Falls to yourself you are doing pretty well.

The best tactic that I found was to get up with the sun, and be there as soon as possible. I actually walked with a head torch on even earlier, and had the place to myself for some time before the crowds woke up.

Florence Falls early in the morning
If you want it to yourself, get there early

Litchfield is insanely popular, and even more accessible, so you get thousands of visitors all wanting to enjoy it. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you will be in for a shock if you expect it to be quiet and peaceful!

Walking back to camp
The walk from the 4WD camp to Florence early in the morning is beautiful

How does it compare to Wangi Falls?

Wangi Falls is another beautiful Litchfield National Park attraction that is equally as busy. It has WIFI and a café, with a massive lawn area that people like to kick back on.

Both places are worth a visit, and realistically there’s not much within Litchfield that isn’t work a look.

Wangi Falls is on the other side of the park, and takes about 25 minutes to get to, by car.

Cooling off at Wangi Falls
Wangi Falls are another beautiful destination in Litchfield

Visit Litchfield National Park

Despite the easy accessibility, and huge number of people, Litchfield National Park was a huge highlight for us, and I’d go back to Darwin just to visit it.

I seriously expected it to be over rated, but it blew my mind time and time again, and if you have a 4WD you can escape to some of the quieter locations. Litchfield is 100% a bucket list destination! We also enjoyed Kakadu National Park, but just quietly, this is better (or you can read our Litchfield vs Kakadu post!).

Litchfield Creek
Litchfield has so many stunning places

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