Bloomfield Cabins and Camping; stunning Daintree Camping

After seeing the truly beautiful Daintree Forest from the southern end, we knew we had to come back and see more of it, and booked a couple of nights at Bloomfield Cabins and Caravan Park.

We made the drive down from Cooktown, on a windy, but incredibly picturesque road past the Lions Den Hotel, and pulled into the camp ground.

Camping at Bloomfield Cabins and Camping
Our setup at Bloomfield Cabins and Camping

Where is Bloomfield Cabins and Caravan Park?

You drive right past this lovely property on your way into Bloomfield, and towards Wajul Wajul. It’s set back a small amount on the main road, which is fairly quiet towards the end of the day.

This property is a short drive to the river mouth, to both boat ramps and to the Wajul Falls.

Bloomfield River views
It’s not too far away from the Bloomfield River, and Bloomfield Track

What do they have there?

This beautiful place has the home and office of the owners, a number of cabins and glamping tents, some amenity blocks, a café and restaurant, and a number of camp sites.

It’s got more beautiful green grass, palm trees and spectacular scenery than you’d ever need, with a number of birds and big blue butterflies sharing the grounds.

Nice fire pit at Bloomfield Cabins and Camping
The campground is really beautiful, and well set up

What are the amenities like?

I was really impressed with the amenities here. They were spotless, and whilst they aren’t brand new and fancy, they have a bit of character with showers made of rocks, and all work very well. I certainly wouldn’t complain about the amenities at all.

The restaurant is only new, and my folks ordered a pizza that was up there with the best that I’ve ever had. We were intending on having pizza too, but due to a bad day with the kids behaviour, we didn’t think it was a good decision, so gave it a miss.

Amenities at Bloomfield
We were really happy with the amenities here

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What does it cost?

You pay $36 a night for an unpowered site here, with $6 per child over 5 being added onto the top. It’s certainly not the cheapest place around, but when you consider how well its run, the amenities and the amazing property itself, I think its fairly priced.

Nice camping in Bloomfield
We thought it was fairly priced

What can you do nearby?

For us, the main attraction was the Bloomfield Track, and we spent a full day cruising down it, and back up again.

We stopped to check out all of the attractions, and had a nice beach walk at Cape Tribulation, and a swim at Emmagen Crossing (just upstream).

Doing the Bloomfield Track
We thoroughly enjoyed the Bloomfield Track
Amazing swimming hole
We had an amazing swim near Emmagen crossing

Wujal Wujal (Bloomfield) falls are spectacular too, but you need to stay well away from this water, as there’s big crocodiles that call it home, and there’s been a few attacks here over the years.

Wujal Wujal Falls are amazing
A walk to the Wujal Wujal Falls is absolutely worth while
Looking down on the Bloomfield falls
There’s an insane amount of water coming down here

We enjoyed taking the 4WD’s onto the river mouth, and the Bloomfield River itself is pretty beautiful when its calm, with the sun rising or setting.

On the river mouth at the Bloomfield River
Exploring the Bloomfield River mouth by 4WD

We also looked at both boat ramps, which were worth a look, and I flew my drone around early one morning to capture some of the truly world class views.

River mouth views at Bloomfield
The Bloomfield River is a spectacular place
Incredible views of the Bloomfield River
I had a ball flying the drone around this incredible place

Is it any good?

After a very warm welcome when we arrived, it didn’t take very long to really fall in love with this place. It’s stunning, has great size camp sites, is fairly well priced, and it was exactly what we wanted.

We weren’t charged for our kids, which is always gratefully received, and they’ve got a big box of outdoor equipment that kids can use, and return. This is free of charge, and our kids loved the little dog called ‘bear’ that runs around during the day.

Visiting in May meant it was really quiet, and we only had a couple of other campers in the whole area, with several of them in the powered section a long way away from us. The amenities are good, it’s a quiet and comfortable place and we really rate it.

I’d love to see a swimming pool at some stage, but perhaps the new owners have plans, as the nearest swimming hole is a good 10 minute drive away.

If you are looking for fantastic camping right on the doorstep of the Bloomfield Track, you won’t go too wrong with Bloomfield Cabins and Caravan Park.

Bloomfield Track
We couldn’t ask for a better base to do the Bloomfield Track

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  1. Hey Brad,

    Sounds amazing. We really loved the Bloomfield area too.

    Take care

  2. I lived and worked at Bloomfield for some years. I’m going back one day.