Cape Palmerston Camping and 4WDing

There are a number of places in Queensland that we were incredibly glad that we made the effort to get to, and Cape Palmerston was one of them. We’d been enjoying an amazing stay at Notch Point, and were debating whether to drag the camper out to Cape Palmerston for a few nights, or go for a day trip, or just skip it all together. We knew there was some bad weather coming, and were trying to avoid being blown away.

In the end we decided to head out for the day, and found one of the most scenic, and amazing places on the Queensland coast. Notch Point was one of our favourite camp sites in Queensland, and Cape Palmerston easily competes for both camping, and a day trip from somewhere nearby.

Cape Palmerston is shockingly beautiful
Cape Palmerston is shockingly beautiful
Cape Palmerston beaches
The beaches are absolutely incredible here
Exploring Cape Palmerston
Enjoying magic views way up
Unbelievable views at Cape Palmerston
I was shocked at these stunning views

Where is Cape Palmerston?

Cape Palmerston National Park is just over an hour South of Mackay, and around 3 hours from Rockhampton. Sarina is the closest major town, at around 40 minutes drive. It’s also a short drive away from Notch Point, which is completely worth a stay too.

Notch Point is beyond stunning
Cape Palmerston isn’t too far away from the stunning Notch Point either

What’s at Cape Palmerston?

This region is full of amazing coastline. The Cape Palmerston National Park is the most spectacular, with incredible beaches, turquoise water, great 4WD tracks and plenty of camp sites.

Cape Palmerston 4WD tracks
There’s a heap of 4WD tracks to explore

Not far south though is the Cape Palmerston Holiday Park, Greenhill (a small town right on the beach), and then the Australian Prawn farms, along with Notch Point.

Cape Palmerston Holiday Park
The Cape Palmerston Holiday Park is popular too

Cape Palmerston Camping

If you want to camp in the area, you really have three options

Cape Palmerston Holiday Park

If you want something that is easy to get to, and has all of the amenities, you won’t go wrong with Cape Palmerston Holiday Park. You can also get local prawns (from the ponds down the road) for $25 a kilo, which were absolutely delicious.

This caravan park has a great reputation, and I’m told you get a discount, or maybe even free camping if you play some golf at their golf course.

Cape Palmerston Holiday Park
We called in to buy some local prawns

Notch Point

Notch Point is completely and utterly amazing, and well worth going to if you have a 4WD. We spent 4 nights here, and loved every minute of it.

Notch Point looking in
Notch Point was one of our favourite places in Queensland

Cape Palmerston National Park Camping

Inside the beautiful Cape Palmerston National Park, there’s a number of places that you can camp. All of them require online booking, and it seems like the camp sites overflow up the coastline, with sites everywhere.

Some of these camp sites are as good as it gets; waterfront views, no one nearby and scenery that you have to see to believe.

Camp sites at Cape Palmerston
Some of the camp sites here are magnificent
Beach camping at Cape Palmerston
One of the camp sites north of Windmill Bay, that was just incredible

We spent the day driving around Cape Palmerston National Park, and were astounded at the stunning views, great 4WD tracks and places to check out.

What does it cost?

The camping fees for Cape Palmerston National Park are set at the standard Queensland National Park Camping rate, of $7.25 per adult per night, or $29 per family.

Camping at Notch Point is completely free, and the Cape Palmerston Holiday Park is $34 – $45 a night, depending on what you are chasing.

Beach camping at Cape Palmerston
There’s a variety of different camping options at Cape Palmerston

Amenities at Cape Palmerston

In the National Park, you’ll find a couple of drop toilets at the camp sites, and that is it. You need to be completely self sufficient, and take out everything you bring in.

The Caravan park obviously has all of the amenities you’d expect, and Notch Point just has a big rubbish bin out the front, and that’s it.

Windmill Bay at Cape Palmerston
Windmill Bay has a drop toilet, Notch Point has nothing and the Caravan Park has everything

How do you get to Cape Palmerston?

To get to Cape Palmerston, you turn off the Bruce Highway at Illbilbie onto Greenhill Road, and then turn left onto Palmerston Road. This takes you right into the Cape Palmerston National Park, and onto the beach.

Dmax on the beach
Driving on the beach at Cape Palmerston

Do you need a 4WD?

To get to the top of Cape Palmerston National Park and to Notch Point, you really need a 4WD. To get to the Cape Palmerston Holiday Park, you’d get any sort of vehicle in without any issues.

Back along the beach at Cape Palmerston
The Cape Palmerston Beach can get quite soft, and you really need a 4WD

Cape Palmerston is a truly awesome spot, and I’m so glad we called in for a look. We’ll be back with the camper for a few nights, for sure. It’s absolutely stunning.

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