Condamine River Road 4WD Track

Queensland has a ridiculous number of 4WD Tracks, and whilst we’ve done quite a few, I’m always on the lookout for more. Condamine River Road 4WD Track though, is one of the most enjoyable little drives that we’ve done in a long time, and I’d highly recommend it.

Condamine River Road
The Condamine River Road 4WD track is absolutely spectacular

Where is the Condamine River Road 4WD Track?

The Condamine River Road 4WD Track is about 3 hours West of the Gold Coast, and located near Killarney. It winds its way along the creek, and is nothing short of stunning.

Views at the start of the Condamine River Track
The views here are astounding

What’s the track like?

The drive from our camp at Koreelah Creek to the start of the Condamine River Road was absolutely sensational, and it only got better once we’d started on the 4WD track. From massive green rolling hills to big patches of forest, amazing little properties scattered around and then huge, towering cliffs it was hard not to smile.

The views at Condamine River Road are sensational
We thoroughly enjoyed the drive from camp to the start of the track too

You wind your way down towards the creek, and then proceed to cross it back and forth no less than 14 times, with incredible views the whole way.

Creek crossing on Condamine River Road
It’s creek crossing after creek crossing

How long is the track?

The track is only 15km long, and takes roughly 25 minutes to do, if you don’t stop at all. There’s plenty of places where you could do just that, and enjoy the stunning scenery, but its well worth the short drive.

Condamine River Creek Crossing
It’s a quick, beautiful and fairly easy track

How difficult is it?

If it weren’t for the water crossings on the Condamine River Road, you could just about do it in a Corolla. No, that’s probably an over exaggeration as there are a few rocks around, and a couple of minor wash outs, but it is a decent gravel road the entire way.

Condamine River Road track
The track is great condition gravel, except for the crossings

Some of the water crossings are concrete, but many are rocky, and a couple are quite lumpy. We did it in mid November, and some of the water crossings were 500 – 600mm deep, so the signage that suggests high clearance 4WDs only is completely and utterly accurate.

I’m going to go a step further though, and suggest you have a snorkel too. Its so easy to go a bit too quickly on a vehicle without one and to flick a bit of water into your intake and then its game over, in a massive way.

Condamine River Road creek crossing
You absolutely need a high clearance 4WD just for the creek crossings

If its flooded, forget it

I’m not sure if they close this track, but I’m positive the water flowing through some of these crossings would wash a 4WD off the track if you went after it had rained a lot. Some of the crossings have depth gauges on them, but not all of them, and although we went the day after about 25mm of rain it would rise much higher after a decent amount of rain, and you risk your life, the lives of those in the vehicle and any responders lives by driving through flood water.

Stay out of flood water
If its rained heavily and flooding, stay away

Combine it with a visit to Brown and Queen Mary Falls

We did a day trip from our camp, along this 4WD track and then did the walk at Brown Falls, then Mary Falls and then cruised back, about 5 hours later. It was a magic day out, and we really rated it.

Brown Falls are amazing
Brown falls are completely worth a hike too
Queen Mary Falls are stunning too
Queen Mary Falls are magic too

Do the Condamine River Track

The scenery alone on this track makes it worth doing. We all thoroughly enjoyed it, and its short enough to be a heap of fun. There’s really no risk of damaging your vehicle either, providing you don’t go when its flooding, and you have a 4WD with a snorkel.

Have you done the Condamine River 4WD Track?

Dmax on Condamine River Road
We loved the drive, and highly recommend it

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