Cattle Camp; great private property camping near Sarina

Queensland has completely and utterly spoilt us in terms of quiet, picturesque and good value camping, and we’ve found some truly magnificent places to spend a few nights recently. Our latest stay was at Cattle Camp, or Carnage Offroad just out of Sarina, and it’s a beauty.

Camped at Cattle Camp near Sarina
Our camp site just out of Sarina, at Cattle Camp

Where is Cattle Camp?

This beautiful private property is just 10 minutes into Sarina itself, and about 20 minutes from Sarina Beach. Its not far off the main road in, amongst a heap of other rural properties that are all as beautiful as each other.

Sarina Beach is spectacular
It’s only a short drive to the beautiful Sarina Beach

What does it cost to camp at Cattle Camp?

Cattle Camp is $20 per night, for a couple. It’s on Hipcamp, but you can pay the owner directly, and avoid the fees, which is what we did. This is very reasonable pricing when you consider the alternatives that are nearby, and what they offer.

We mainly look for places that are quiet, have lots of space for the kids to run around and care less about the amenities, but this place ticks all the boxes.

Cattle Camp from above
This is a beautiful, great value camping spot

What is Carnage Offroad?

When you arrive at Cattle Camp, you’ll probably realise its also called Carnage Offroad, which is a bit confusing. The two places are the same, and its an off road race track that is set up for 4WD’s and buggies to race in the events throughout the year.

Carnage Offroad tracks
There’s plenty of tracks around the property
Creek exit at Carnage Offroad
There’s some pretty gnarly 4WD obstacles!

How did we find Sarina?

I love calling into new towns, with no expectation at all. Sarina, and in particular Sarina Beach is truly awesome, and I can completely understand why good friends of ours looked at property here. It’s not tiny, but its got a great vibe, and a nice rural feel about it.

Sarina is a beautiful place
We really loved Sarina, and thought it was a brilliant town

Camping at Cattle Camp

When you arrive at Cattle Camp, stop at the red letterbox and grab a map out, which shows you the different places you can stay at. If you follow the main driveway all the way in you’ll get to the main camping area, next to the toilets and showers, and creek. This is great, but it gets quite busy and you should expect to share it with a number of others, particularly on the weekend.

If you have a 4WD and good clearance, you can cross the creek (or you can enter from the driveway with much less clearance and traction needed), and you pop up into another big, beautiful paddock which is a lot quieter. This is a bit of a walk from the amenities, but we had most of the paddock to ourselves for the whole weekend.

There’s also some other camping on the driveway side, which is quieter, and picturesque. The owner told us that we had grabbed the best spot though, with easy creek access, plenty of solar for the panels and lots of room for the kids to run around, and explore the beautiful creek.

Kids playground at Cattle Camp
Our kids absolutely loved the creek for splashing around in
Relaxing at Cattle Camp
We had a couple of nice fires, and kicked back here

Watch the vlog

If you’re keen to see more of us, but in a different format, you can do so on our vlog. Here’s the episode including Cattle Camp:

YouTube video

Amenities at Cattle Camp

There’s toilets and hot showers at Cattle Camp, which is pretty awesome. They’re older, and one is in a donga arrangement, but they do the job just fine and for $20, you’d be mad to complain about it.

Cattle Camp amenities
The amenities block at Cattle Camp
Shower at Cattle Camp
These aren’t 5 star amenities, but they do the job just fine

Would we recommend Cattle Camp?

We really liked this place. It was different again to Creek and Antique Camping, but was lovely and quiet, great value and incredibly picturesque. Our kids spent hours playing in the creek and shady areas, kayaking up and down the creek and just having a great time, which is what its all about for us.

We’d have no hesitation in recommending this place; the owners are great, its beautiful and its really close to Sarina.

The main area at Cattle Camp
There’s plenty of places to camp

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  1. Hey Lindsey,

    You’ve got a great spot there. Hope you enjoyed your weekend away to the island!

    All the best

  2. Lindsey Nicholas says:

    Love that you enjoyed our little slice of paradise, hope to see your family back again ☺️ Lindsey Nicholas