Chillagoe Cockatoo Hotel Camping

There’s little that can beat a good, country pub, and when they offer free camping ‘out the back’ you’re onto an absolute winner. We debated whether to make the drive out to Chillagoe, and the Chillagoe Cockatoo Hotel was part of the reason we came; who doesn’t like free camping in a quiet town with lots of great natural attractions and history to see?

Of course, the expectation is that you have a meal to support the pub, and we were more than happy to do so, but if you are considering a visit to Chillagoe, support the Chillagoe Cockatoo Hotel; they’re fantastic, and help the town by bringing visitors in like you wouldn’t believe.

Camped at Chillagoe Cockatoo Hotel
We spent two nights camped out the back of the Chillagoe Cockatoo Hotel, and loved it

Where is Chillagoe Cockatoo Hotel?

Chillagoe is a pretty small place, and Chillagoe Cockatoo Hotel is tucked away, out towards the beautiful water holes.

Chillagoe Weir swimming hole
You can easily walk to the swimming holes down the road

What’s the camping like?

We really liked our camping here, and in some ways actually preferred it over the Chillagoe Tourist Park, which was reasonable for a nights stay, but certainly nothing to rave about. Chillagoe Cockatoo Hotel offers a nice, big grassy area literally right behind the pub, with plenty of room to pull up. There’s even a second block that is mainly gravel, and there’s a fair bit of room to fit a number of vans.

Lots of room at Cockatoo Hotel
There’s plenty of room

You need to be entirely self sufficient, and that meant that we used our portable grey water tank for the first time in 9 months, but this stems from regulatory issues regarding the pub and grey water, and as such you want to do the right thing for their sake.

There is a 48 hour limit on your stay, but that’s more than enough to see the main attractions, especially if you arrive early in the day.

Across the road is a small oval, with some great toilets and a dump point, so there’s options when it comes to not leaving any trace!

See our vlog

YouTube video

What’s worth doing in the area?

Chillagoe blew my mind on so many occasions. The caves are absolutely incredible, and the water holes are up there with the best I’ve seen. We have a comprehensive post on Chillagoe that goes into more detail, but know that there’s quite a bit to do in town.

Chillagoe in the Dmax
Chillagoe has so many awesome spots
Balancing Rock at Chillagoe
The Balancing Rock is really impressive
Bogey hole at Chillagoe
Amazing swimming holes just top it all off

Support the Chillagoe Cockatoo Hotel Pub

These country pubs aren’t that common anymore, and we love supporting them at any chance that we have. If you are considering a visit to Chillagoe, do it; the area is magnificent, and you can stay at the Chillagoe Cockatoo Hotel in your Caravan or RV, for free (and grab a meal!).

Paradise Pool at Chillagoe
Do your bit to support the small hotels and pubs; they need it

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