Isabella Falls; beautiful and easy to get to near Cooktown

Cooktown surprised us on so many levels. We found it laid back, stunning and full of plenty of amazing things to do, like Isabella Falls. This is one of the more well known Cooktown attractions, and for good reason; its pure magic.

Isabella Falls in Cooktown
Isabella Falls are well worth the drive out

Where are Isabella Falls?

This beautiful location is a short (31 minute) drive North West of Cooktown, and its literally on the main road. So much so, that you drive your vehicle through the water that drops off immediately after, down the falls.

To get to Isabella Falls, head Endeavour Valley Road, and turn left onto Endeavour Battlecamp Road. Cross the water if its safe to do so, and pull over on the left hand side immediately after. The falls are just to your left, and you can access them in a variety of ways.

Isabella Falls water Crossing
You literally drive your vehicle over the crossing

Do you need a 4WD to get there?

No, but you do need to pay attention to how deep the water is before you drive across. If its flowing hard, or deeper than ankle depth, a vehicle with more clearance or a raised intake is quite likely a good idea!

If its safe to cross without a snorkel, don’t go too quickly or you can flick water into the engine, which is never a good thing.

Isabella Falls Camping

You can camp in a couple of places at Isabella Falls, and it’d be a pretty magic spot to pull off. Larger rigs would have a harder time finding somewhere, but if you’ve got a smaller setup or are prepared to be closer to the road it’s a great, free option.

Isabella Falls Crossing
Just over the road is a few places you can pull off and camp

Can you swim at Isabella Falls?

Everyone we spoke to said Isabella Falls is perfectly safe to swim at (down the bottom). We’d also heard differently online regarding a salt water crocodile that has been seen there, so we didn’t swim.

I don’t know the truth behind this, and as visitors we’d rather leave intact, and didn’t swim.

Walking trails at Isabella Falls

Some waterfalls in Queensland are sign posted, with formal walking trails everywhere, and more information than you can poke a stick at. Isabella Falls is not this, and you’d easily drive past it without even realising.

From the dirt ‘car park’ on the left (or right hand side of the road) you can walk down to the falls, and look over the side of them. Alternatively, if you follow the water down a bit further you can get right down onto the beach, and see the falls from the bottom.

Watch the vlog

YouTube video

Is it worth a visit?

Isabella Falls is a beautiful spot, and another one of the attractions around Cooktown that made it a magic place to spend a number of days. If you are anywhere near, its worth a visit out to Isabella Falls.

Isabella Falls are really beautiful
These falls are different to any other that we’ve been to, and really beautiful

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