Trevathan Creek Farm Stay; a great camping near Cooktown

There’s quite a bit to see around the Cooktown and Bloomfield region, and after a few amazing days exploring some of it, we were in search of somewhere to camp between the two locations; enter Trevathan Creek Farm Stay.

This is a newly listed property on Hipcamp, and we were actually the first campers to make use of the private property.

Camping at Trevathan Creek Farm Stay
Camped at Trevathan Creek Farm Stay

Where is Trevathan Creek Camp?

This private property is in the middle of Bloomfield and Cooktown, and is easily accessed via a short, gravel road. It’s roughly 25 minutes into Cooktown, and an hour down to Bloomfield.

Archer Point in the 4WD
This property isn’t too far away from Archer Point

What’s there?

Trevathan is a fairly typical, beautiful, rural property in Far North Queensland.

When you drive in, you take a turn down a track, across a seasonal stream and you end up in a big, grassy paddock with a heap of different places to camp. There’s lots of sun available, and enough shade to poke yourselves away as needed, as it gets pretty hot here.

We decided to stay in the big, flatter area just above the amenities as it had the most breeze, and gave us good solar, which we were severely lacking after many days of shade and overcast weather.

Camped at Trevathan Creek Farm Stay
There’s no shortage of room to camp at

This paddock is a short walk down to the creek, which is absolutely fantastic for the kids to splash around in, and has one deeper pool where you can comfortably swim.

The creek isn’t the easiest thing to access with rocks and sticks, but its natural, beautiful and very much appreciated on a hot day.

Splashing at Trevathan Creek
A few hundred metres away is Trevathan Creek, which is a great place to cool off
Trevathan Creek looking the other way
Nothing beats a place to cool off on a hot day!

Watch the vlog

Keen to see, and know more? Here’s our vlog from visiting:

YouTube video

What amenities are there?

Ziggy has just set up a whole heap of amenities, and is busy working on the place every day. At the moment, there’s a washing machine (use during daylight hours, and as part of your camping fees), a composting toilet, and a shower that is set up using a portable gas hot water system that you’d use for camping.

Washing machine and shower
A bush shower and washing machine that is free to use
Composting toilet at Trevathan Creek
The composting toilet for guests, which was pretty neat

It’s also got a nice hollow that you can use for a fire, with some firewood supplied (and I believe he’s going to charge for extra wood going forward).

He’s done a pretty good job of getting the property comfortable and ready, and it’s a fairly magic place when the sun starts to go down, and the birds come out.

Boat at the farm stay
It’s a pretty comfortable place to stay

What does it cost to stay?

Camping is $25 per night, plus the Hipcamp fee (for 2 adults and 1 paid kid).

That meant a total of $60 for two nights, which is really reasonable given the privacy, access to a washing machine, and general feel of the place.

Do you need a 4WD?

I’m going to say yep, its probably a good idea, or at least something with a bit of clearance. It was a bit tight getting my folks 19 foot Kokoda off-road van in, but its certainly doable with a decent tow vehicle.

Visit Trevathan Falls

One of the reasons we were looking for a place to stay in the first place was Trevathan Falls, which although less well known carry a big reputation, and I’d say they are up there with the best we’ve seen, and are completely and utterly worth a look.

Trevathan Falls are harder to get to
Trevathan Falls are completely and utterly amazing

What did we think about it?

I love private properties that are opened to the public for camping, and always feel glad when we find a good one. This place is pretty amazing, and sitting back over dinner while the sun glowed bright red, with no mosquitos and a heap of birds around was truly awesome.

The paddock isn’t the pristine grass that you might expect at a caravan park, but it’s a million times quieter, with far more room and access to a beautiful creek, which makes it completely worth it.

Enjoying Trevathan Creek Farm Stay
We really liked our stay here

We also liked the Peninsula Caravan Park, and Cooktown Campout, but this was different again, and greatly appreciated.

We love these sort of properties, and had a fantastic stay here. If you’re looking for somewhere to camp near Cooktown, this is a great option.

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  1. Hey Brad,

    We love seeing new private properties open up and Trevathan is truly awesome. It’s one of my favourite Waterfalls so far.

    All the best

  2. Wow! A camping place near Trevathan. That’s a cool thing. Me and some friends left Brisbane in 1982 and had a camp on a branch of Trevathan creek not too far from the falls. It was my first experience of Far North Queensland, and I fell in love with the area.