Malanda Falls Caravan Park; not just your typical stay

We don’t go out of our way to find caravan parks to stay at, but Malanda Falls Caravan Park had a great reputation, was well priced and we wanted to explore the area, so it got the tick of approval. As it turns out, this is a beautiful caravan park that we’d have no issues in recommending, and we spent 3 great nights here.

Camping at Malanda Falls Caravan Park
Malanda Falls Caravan Park is a great spot to stay at

Where is Malanda Falls Caravan Park?

As the name suggests, you’ll find this Caravan Park right next to the Malanda Falls. It’s just out of town (easy walking distance), and roughly 15 minutes from Atherton.

Malanda Falls from the side
The caravan park is right next to Malanda Falls

What does it cost?

We thought the camping prices here were very reasonable, with unpowered sites $27, plus kids over 5 are $5. 

What amenities are there?

The Malanda Falls Caravan Park has the usual amenities that you’d expect to find. The toilets and showers are decent, its got a massive oval to run around on, a petting zoo, laundry, dump point and several places you can fill your water tanks up as needed.

Views at Malanda Falls Caravan Park
All the usual amenities, with a big grassy area for the kids to run around

Camp fires at Malanda Caravan Park

In a rare occurrence, you’re allowed to have camp fires at the Malanda Caravan Park, but they must be in a raised fire pit. That meant after 9 months of dragging our 15kg Darche fire pit around Australia and never using it once, it finally got a use, and we had two great fires.

I will mention that timber in this area is not easy to find, so bring your own, or buy it for $17 a bag, or struggle to burn timber that is covered in moss, and is soaking wet.

Portable fire pit
If you want a fire, you need a raised fire pit

Malanda attractions

There’s a lot of things to do around Malanda, and depending on how far you want to drive, you could easily spend a week in the area.

Dinner falls and the crater

We took a 15 minute drive out to Dinner Falls, and did the walk to the crater and then up the falls. This is a pretty neat part of the world, with lots to see and explore. The tracks are a bit slippery and you’d easily hurt yourself if you fell over, so take it easy and wear decent footwear.

Dinner Falls are worth the visit
We really enjoyed our walk along Dinner Falls
Dinner Falls Crater
The crater is surprisingly big, and beautiful too


Not far out of Malanda is Dairyland, a farm that produces a huge assortment of cheese and chocolate. You can also walk through parts of the farm and see the young calves, as well as the cows that come in for milking each day. Our kids had a heap of fun here, and we actually returned a second time to see them being milked.

Dairyland is worth a visit
We quite enjoyed walking through Dairyland
Cheese being made at Dairyland
Seeing cheese made was fascinating
Cows being milked
If you are there at the right time they milk the cows in front of you


Shaylee Strawberries is hard to miss, and we stopped in for an icecream, and picked up some fresh strawberries. They’ve got a pretty great area to sit out at the back, with views of the strawberries and a beautiful garden.

Shaylee Strawberries
Shaylee Strawberries is really popular, and has a great area out the back to sit

Pump track and playground in Malanda

A short walk from the caravan park into Malanda takes you to a great playground for younger kids, and a fantastic pump track for bikes, scooters and skateboards. Our kids absolutely loved this part of town, and we spent many hours here.

What did we think of the Malanda Falls Caravan Park?

This place is a gem. It’s beautiful, peaceful, well priced and has plenty of room for the kids. There’s a bit of road noise during the day, but at night time its nice and calm, and you’d struggle to find a nicer place to pull up.

We did think that the unpowered section was quite a bit nicer than the powered sites along the main road, but there are some good powered sites at the back too.

Our camp at Malanda Falls Caravan Park
The camping here is as good as it gets for space, views and room

Our kids loved the big oval, the fact that you could have fires (and we did too), and the petting zoo. All in all, this place scores really high, and should absolutely be on your list of places to think about staying.

Petting zoo at Malanda Falls Caravan Park
The petting zoo was a hit for the kids

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