Mary Farms Creek Camp; great value creekside camping

If you’re looking for fantastic value camping inland of Mossman and Port Douglas, Mary Farms Creek Camp is a brilliant part of the world. We spent a couple of nights here unwinding, after a few big days driving out of Cape York, and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. It’s quiet, picturesque, great value and all in all, just a nice place to be.

This property is perfectly set up to host a number of campers, and even when a handful roll in there’s plenty of room to spread out. You can camp right next to the beautiful creek if you have a 4WD, or you can camp on the grassy area above the creek, with plenty of shade if that’s what you want.

It’s hard to find the right balance between space, privacy, amenities, views and cost, but Mary Farms Creek has it down to a fine art.

Mary Farm Creek Camping
We had a couple of great nights at Mary Farms Creek
Beautiful Creek
The beautiful Mary Creek that runs through the property

Where is Mary Farms Creek Camp?

This beautiful private property is located inland of Mossman, and takes around an hour to get to Port Douglas, or 45 minutes heading south to Mareeba. It’s right on Mary Creek, and only a few hundred metres off the main road too.

Mossman Hills area
This property isn’t too far from the beautiful Mossman region

What amenities do they have there?

Mary Farms Creek has flushing toilets, and hot showers in a small amenities block above the camp ground. There are taps throughout the property that is water directly from the creek, and that covers everything that you need. Rubbish needs to be taken out, but it has the basics covered.

Amenities at Mary Farms Creek
The amenities block is pretty decent, above the camping ground

See the vlog

YouTube video

What does it cost to stay?

Camping here is just $20 a night per vehicle, which makes it pretty amazing value. I can’t think of too many alternatives that would compete with this price in terms of privacy, beauty and amenities provided, and the owners are fantastic too.

Mary Farms costs $20 a night
It’s great value for what you get

What’s worth doing in the area?

We took a drive up into Mt Lewis National Park, which we thought was spectacular. You need an AWD or 4WD, but the rainforest here is dense, dark and beautiful beyond words.

Driving up Mt Lewis
Mount Lewis is a stunning part of the world

We were also told you could visit Mt Spurgeon, which requires a bit more care and 4WD experience, but its supposed to be beautiful. Asides from this, there’s a tonne of things you can do around Port Douglas and Mossman, and its just a beautiful place to be.

Port Douglas Mowbray River
Port Douglas isn’t too far away either, which is decent

Would we stay here again?

Absolutely. You can’t beat private property camping, and when its cheap, has good amenities and friendly hosts, its a winner all round.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, and the kids loved splashing around in the creek, and playing in nature. It’s certainly a great Queensland Camp Site.

We love the fact that its money directly to the owner as well. No Hipcamp fees, no money to massive organisations, just a direct, great value trade between those looking for a nice place to camp, and the owner of a great property!

If you want a beautiful, easy to access camp ground not too far from Port Douglas and right near spectacular rainforest, you won’t go wrong with Mary Farms Creek Camp.

Camped at Mary Farms Creek Stay
We really liked this place, and would happily return

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