Tropic Breeze Caravan Park; Camping in Port Douglas

After a week in Cairns Cool Waters Caravan Park catching up with family, we moved an hour north to Tropic Breeze Caravan Park in Port Douglas.

We’d booked a week, to have a quieter break away from the many tourist attractions around Cairns, and to spend more time with family.

A good chunk of our family had flown in from Perth, and after 7 months of not seeing many of them, we were enjoying some quality family time. In this post, we take a look at Tropic Breeze Caravan Park, and give our thoughts on it.

Tropic Breeze Caravan Park
We spent a week at Tropic Breeze Caravan Park in Port Douglas

Where is Tropic Breeze Caravan Park?

This Caravan Park is located a short walk from the centre of Port Douglas, and a few minutes walk to the beach. It’s really well located, and is perfect for leaving your vehicle at camp, and heading out on foot.

Port Douglas Beach
Tropic Breeze is only a few hundred metres back from the beach

What does it cost?

We paid $46 per night for 7 nights, for two adults, and two kids (4 and 6). Not cheap, but not exactly expensive compared to alternatives either. This was for a powered site (although we didn’t plug in), as the unpowered ones didn’t suit our setup.

Interestingly, we only paid a few bucks extra for Cairns Cool Waters Caravan Park, which was substantially nicer (but also not in the same location!).

Our camp site at Tropic Breeze
Our camp site at Tropic Breeze

What’s it like?

Initially, I wasn’t that impressed with the Tropic Breeze Caravan Park. They messed our original booking up and overcharged us, and then when we arrived (many months later), they’d split our sites apart, so my parents were down the road instead of next to us.

It is also a very clear step down from Cairns Cool Waters Caravan Park, where we’d just spent 7 great nights.

That said, the staff were very friendly and helpful (and clearly work very hard). We certainly don’t hold mistakes as a grudge; these things happen and it really didn’t matter too much.

The actual caravan park is quite picturesque, has fantastic access to the beach, and has a lovely pool to relax by. The sites are small, and we watched a number of people struggle to fit on, and even ourselves had a hard time parking, and we don’t have a big setup.

Tropic Breeze is quite picturesque
The actual park is quite pretty, but its small, and busy
Limited camping room
We had limited room, and some sites were much worse

There can be a fair bit of road noise from the main road into town, and we were right next to the Tennis club, which resulted in some additional noise.

The amenities are old, but clean and they do the job. The camp kitchen is pretty good, and the cabins are very basic, with external toilets, but they do the job (and are cheap as).

Overall, this place grew on me. The staff were really good to deal with, and even helped us out with some mail, and its a nice place to be. It wasn’t nearly as nice as the Cairns Cool Waters Caravan Park, but we were paying more there, and there’s a lot more competition too.

I have a feeling that Tropic Breeze is going to be gradually improved, and its decent enough. We did a Port Douglas Reef tour from here, which was amazing.

Views of Tropic Breeze
This is a decent caravan park overall

Watch our vlog

YouTube video

Would we stay here again?

Yep, after a week here the Tropic Breeze Caravan Park grew on me. It’s not the nicest caravan park that we’ve stayed at, but its certainly not the worst either, and we had a great time with family. 

The amenities are old, but they work, and its nice enough. We loved the location, and we left feeling quite happy with Port Douglas and our stay overall.

The alternative is the Port Douglas Big 4, which looks really decent too, but we haven’t stayed there to give any comments!

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