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We never book any camp sites too far in advance, but a few months into our Lap of Australia, we locked in 7 nights at Cairns Cool Waters Caravan Park. We were still in South Australia at the time, but wanted to lock a camp site in to catch up with family who’d be flying in (knowing we’d have not seen many of them for more than 6 months). Some stayed in camp sites in the Caravan Park, and others stayed in cabins, which worked out quite well.

Now, you should know that this is our thoughts, and we’re completely honest, with no hidden agenda. We paid full retail price for this stay, and so did the rest of our family.

Our camp site at Cairns Cool Waters Caravan Park
Our camp site at Cairns Cool Waters

Where is Cairns Cool Waters Caravan Park?

This beautiful Caravan Park is 10 minutes west of the main city centre, located in the suburb of Redlynch. We found it close enough to everything, and with it just down the road from the Cairns Skyrail and Goomboora Park, its a great spot.

Cairns Cool Waters Caravan Park
This caravan park is close to Cairns, and easy to access

What’s at the Caravan Park?

This is a fairly standard, but modern and picturesque Caravan Park. It’s got multiple amenity blocks, a swimming pool, lots of cabins around the place, camp kitchen, small playground, and it backs onto a beautiful little creek that is home to a ridiculous number of fish and turtles, which you can feed whilst staying there.

Great swimming pool at Cairns Cool Waters
The swimming pool is really good

The caravan park is stunning from the moment you drive in, with typically beautiful Queensland plants and tree’s everywhere, a heap of grass, and its extremely well maintained.

Beautiful camping at Cairns Cool Waters
The caravan park is truly beautiful, with lots of great plants

What’s it really like?

I didn’t have much to do with the booking of this caravan park, and just coughed up the money when asked. I really had no idea at all of what to expect, but from the moment we drove in, I was really impressed. The staff at reception were incredible (as good as you’d get), and in fact all of the staff we dealt with in our stay were absolutely fantastic, and that’s most of the battle won.

The actual caravan park is really good too. It’s much larger than you might realise, but its well run, has great amenities and for a whole heap of people to catch up across multiple camp sites and cabins we couldn’t have asked for much better.

We did have a number of mosquitos hanging around from 4PM onwards which made it hard to sit outside without insect repellent, but this is not really something you can pin on the caravan park, and it was an exceptional place in every other way.

Our kids absolutely loved the fish and turtles in the river, and the camp sites are decent size, picturesque and incredibly well maintained.

It’s beautiful, with more amazing trees and plants around than we knew what to do with, and asides from a bit of road noise, it was clean, secure, quiet and really pleasant to spend time at.

The sites are a reasonable size, but it can be tight getting into some of them. Once you’re in and all set up though, its a paradise.

Camp kitchen at Cairns Cool Waters
The camp kitchen is decent, and pretty large

What does it cost to stay?

We normally hate paying the money needed to stay at a Caravan Park, but had limited choice to lock it in far in advance. Our nightly cost, for a powered site (as they didn’t have unpowered sites to suit our vans) was around $48. This was pretty reasonable for the different Cairns Caravan Parks, and with what they offer, its probably pretty decent in terms of price.

Watch our vlog

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Tubing down the river

One of the most entertaining things that we did was purchase 3 tyre tubes from a local tyre shop ($30 each!), and we drove about 8km away, and jumped into them, floating down the river with my two brothers, and my two sons. There were a few places where we had to shuffle along, or get out and walk, but the number of rapids, and faster sections made for a whole lot of fun.

This is supposed to be crocodile free, but please do your own research!

Would we stay here again?

Yep, absolutely. It’s not the cheapest camping in Queensland, but for a Cairns Caravan Park is pretty reasonable, and we had a great experience. We went to Port Douglas the week after, to Tropic Breeze, and there was a stark difference between the two parks, in a huge number of ways.

If you’re looking for a fantastic caravan park in Cairns, Cool Waters is a great option.

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  1. Hey Chris,

    We just drove up from the Cairns cool waters caravan park and went down that river and got out near camp!

    No luck just yet with the car, but still waiting.

    All the best!

  2. Hi Aaron, wondering what stretch of river you did the tubing in? Currently in cairns and see heaps of commercial operators but haven’t found anything for the DIY approach you did.

    PS – Hope the recent car issue is looking easier/quicker to sort