Millstream Falls; Stunning and easy to get to

Inland Queensland has some pretty amazing places to check out, and its no wonder that some of them get a lot of tourists visiting. Ravenshoe is a beautiful little town, and is home to the amazing Millstream Falls, which despite having visited dozens of other Queensland Waterfalls, we thoroughly enjoyed.

Millstream Falls are beautiful
Millstream Falls are a magic, and easy to get to attraction near Ravenshoe

Where are Millstream Falls?

These falls are a short drive out of Ravenshoe, and not too far off the main road at all.

Camping at Archer Creek Rest Stop
We camped nearby at Archer Creek Rest Area, and headed in for a look

Do you need a 4WD?

No, you don’t, but the gravel part in off the main highway is corrugated, and has quite a few pot holes that you want to be cautious of. We did see a number of 2WD vehicles come in here, but you’d want to take it very carefully and slowly.

What’s the walking track like?

Access to Millstream falls is from a flat, gravel car park and down a bitumen walking path. It’s relatively steep, but its smooth, and has a few places you can stop to rest on your way up and down. We saw a number of elderly people walking down and back up again, and they were all managing easily enough.

It’s certainly not a rock hopping exercise, or one that you need oodles of fitness to do. The track is also fairly short, and simple, unless you choose to walk right down to the falls (more on that further down).

Millstream Falls are stunning
The walk there and back is bitumen, steep and short

How close can you get?

The main lookout is a platform that’s probably 50 metres away from the top of the falls, but its really easy to see. This is slightly above the top of the waterfall which gives you a unique perspective too (and avoids a massive trek to the bottom!).

Alternatively, you can go off the main path down a few goat tracks, and get right to the top of the waterfall. One track in particular is a bit slippery and rocky to start off with, and then you end up on old, but formal steps, and then go down some easy rocks to get to the bottom.

I took my 6 year old son right to the top of the falls where the water was flowing, and wouldn’t rate it as overly difficult. It is very beautiful though, and you get a whole new perspective.

Walking right to Millstream Falls
You can get right to where the water drops with a small amount of effort
Looking down on Millstream Falls
Looking right down on the falls

World War II walk

When you head back up, there’s a flat, easy walk that you can do through the bush which covers a number of interesting relics from the World War II training camp for the Australian Army that was right here. Asides from it being a nice walk through a picturesque part of the world, there’s still a few things that you can see, along with information signs telling you what life was like, and what the area was used for.

World War II Heritage Walk information sign
The information sign at the start of the walk, which leaves from the same car park
Walking on the WW II walk
The start of the World War II Heritage walk

We really enjoyed this, and so did our young kids.

Looking at the WW II relics
Checking out the history was fascinating

See more on the vlog

If you want to see more, you can check out our vlog:

YouTube video

Little Millstream Falls

Closer to Ravenshoe is Little Millstream Falls, which is supposed to be equally as beautiful. We didn’t head here, as we’d been told it was a fairly muddy walk. Of course, that would depend on the time of year you go, and I’d have liked to check it out.

Overall, Millstream Falls was a really pretty place, and an easy drive out from our stay at Archer Creek Rest Stop.

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