Bayview Park; epic camping over Port Lincoln

We are completely in love with finding unique, and amazing places to camp all over Australia, and our latest stay at Bayview Park in Port Lincoln is the perfect example.

We wanted somewhere in Port Lincoln that we could base ourselves for 3 – 4 nights whilst we re-stocked, caught up with some family that we hadn’t seen for many years and explored the area before heading out to Lincoln National Park (to do Fisherman Point, then Memory Cove and a heap of others), and Coffin Bay National Park.

What we stumbled across ticked all the boxes for us, and more, and we’re so excited to share it with you.

Bayview Park, Port Lincoln
We stumbled across a truly awesome camp site; Bayview Park

Where is Bayview Park?

You’ll find this slice of paradise virtually at the top of Port Lincoln, on Robertson Road. It’s only 3km to the centre of Port Lincoln, and is a quick drive to anywhere you need to get.

Bayview Park is at the top of Port Lincoln
Bayview Park seems like its on top of Port Lincoln

Why is it so good?

The views are amazing

We were quite shocked when we looked down the driveway to Port Lincoln. The views from Bayview Park cover the large majority of the town, and being able to see out over everything and into the bay is pretty amazing.

Views over Port Lincoln
You’ve got great views over most of Port Lincoln

It’s cheap

Camping is $15 per vehicle, per night. That’s a steal, and makes staying right in town feasible for many. You pay a lot more for that at the Caravan Park, and regardless of price we’d take this over several other options anyway. We stayed for 4 nights here, and the alternative would have been the Caravan Park at $46 a night for an unpowered site, so saving a whopping $31 a night, or $124 for the entire stay.

If you want to use the amenities, you pay another $5 per night, but you can pay for the nights that you use. For example, you might only choose to have a shower once in 3 days, and you’d only pay an extra $5 for that day. We have our own shower and toilet and just paid the $15 each night.

Cheap camping in Port Lincoln
$15 a night is a steal for where it is, and what you get

There’s heaps of room

We hate being jammed in like sardines, with cars going everywhere all the time (like at many caravan parks). This property has a heap of area to camp, and it goes back in what almost seems like a little maze. There’s a huge number of nooks and crannies that you can camp in, and even if there were 20 vehicles camping you’d still have more room than a caravan park.

Room at Bayview Park
There’s a heap of room at Bayview Park for quite a few vans and campers

Kids and grey water are fine

Bayview Park has been operating for a long time, but its only just been taken over by new owners, who are changing a few things up. In the past, you couldn’t camp here with kids, and you had to contain your grey water. 

Both are a bit ridiculous if you ask us, but they are now OK with you intelligently releasing your grey water onto nearby grass or trees, and camping with kids is fine too. We’d initially ruled this camp out because of both of the above, and were pleased that 2 days before arriving it changed with new ownership!

Kids at Bayview Park
You can now take kids to Bayview Park, which is a great change

It runs on an honesty system

Bayview Park is setup on an honesty system. When you arrive, you grab an envelope, and information that you need, and set up. When you depart, you leave your envelope, payment and your information. The owners do come around and check everything is OK so don’t expect to rort the system, but this system allows for you to arrive any time, set up and check out at your leisure.

Notice board at Bayview
Fill the envelope out, and put your money in the box

The owners are legends

We met the owners (Brad and Heidi), who were incredibly helpful and nice. We ended up with about 60mm of rain dumped on us over half a day, and they checked up a couple of times, despite having lost their own power, and trying to sort out a brand new property (they literally took ownership a week ago!).

Lots of rain at Bayview
We got hammered by wind and rain here, and the owners were super friendly and helpful

See us get drenched

Want to see what the rain and storm was like? Check out our vlog below:

YouTube video

What do you need to camp a Bayview Park?

Bayview Park has toilets and showers that you can use for $5, but if you have your own amenities you don’t need to use theirs. 

Any sort of rig is suitable, with plenty of room to drive in and turn around, and lots of different camp sites to choose from.

Toilets and showers at Bayview
You have access to toilets and showers if you want ($5 extra per night)
Shelter at Bayview Park
There’s a hut that you can use for shelter as needed

It’s a great place

I stood back a number of times during our 4 night stay, and admired the property. It’s really well set up, and I’m sure the new owners will do a few things to improve it and make it more popular. We’d take this any day of the week over the caravan park in town, and its basically the perfect ‘in town campsite’ that you could ask for.

Camped at Bayview Park
We really enjoyed our stay at Bayview Park

If you are looking for great camping in Port Lincoln, check out Bayview Park; its as good as we could have hoped for, and certainly a fantastic place to base yourselves.

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