Fowlers Bay 4WD Tracks; a bumpy ride with great views

On the south coast of South Australia lies a magic little coastal town by the name of Fowlers Bay, and its got some of the best 4WDing that we’ve done in a long time. Having come from Western Australia, we are all too familiar with beach and coastal driving, and the 4WD tracks around Fowlers Bay combine so much of what we enjoy. 

Starting at Fowlers Bay, you can head out into the huge dunes, and then continue out toward Point Fowler for a long, enjoyable 4WD.

Before we go on, here’s a post covering a heap of the 4WD tracks in South Australia.

Fowlers Bay Dunes
Entry into the Fowlers Bay Dunes
Exploring dunes at Fowlers Bay
The dunes are pretty large, and take you to Point Fowler or the beach

This is a fairly slow going track with lots of limestone rocks, but nothing is overly complicated. Stop at the different bays if you can, and you might be rewarded with a sea lion colony that just kick back and laze around all day (except when hunting).

Sea Lions at Point Fowler
We stumbled across a small Sea Lion colony heading out to Point Fowler
Sea lions in the water
They all headed out for a dip
Sea lions are amazing
These are pretty incredible animals, and they can move fast when they want to

Point Fowler is stunning, albeit incredibly windy and then you wind your way back along the coast, until you hit the dunes again and then the beach.

Rocky tracks around Point Fowler
The tracks are quite slow and rocky at Point Fowler
Point Fowler views
Looking towards Scotts Beach from Point Fowler way

When the tides are correct, you can drive all the way from Point Fowler to Scotts Beach (around Scotts Bay). We did this on our stay at Scotts Beach, and found it a much quicker and more enjoyable drive than the inland track.

Scotts Beach views
You can drive all the way from Point Fowler to Scotts Beach when the tide is down

Continuing West, you can drive out to Scotts Point, and then follow the coastline all the way to Mexican Head, and then a cove where some Sea lions live, and the tracks just keep going and going.

Scotts Point
There’s more tracks than you can poke a stick at around here

The 4WD tracks around Fowlers Bay are extensive, and to drive from Fowlers Bay out to the point, then back along the coast to Scotts Bay and around to Scotts Beach will take you at least an hour, and longer if you are stopping regularly to look at the various views.

From Scotts Beach to Mexican Hat is only about 15 minutes drive, with a few more minutes to get to the Sea lions (although the track is less easy to find!).

Overall, a stunning part of the world that can only be truly seen and enjoyed with a 4WD. If you get an opportunity to explore it, do so; it’s incredible.

Tyre pressures and clearance

All of these 4WD tracks are fairly easy for a vehicle with good quality 4WD tyres, and the right tyre pressures. I’d be going down to around 25 PSI for the rocky sections, and taking it nice and slowly (you don’t want to go any faster as its uncomfortable anyway). 

For the beach and dunes you might have to go a bit lower, but for the most part its all very easy 4WD tracks. We didn’t see too many rocks that would cause you a problem for clearance, but pay attention as they are sharp and you can do some nasty damage if you aren’t careful.

Fowlers Bay is stunning

We really loved Fowlers Bay, and once again it showed how much better access you have with a 4WD. My Dad was keen to take us here as he spent a number of holidays enjoying the area when he was younger, and I can see why its so firmly etched in his mind. 

Dmax on the beach
We really loved the Fowlers Bay region

We’d love to come back, and highly rate the area, and the 4WD tracks!

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