Comet Flat Campground; spectacular High Country Camping

Rolling into Woods Point, we were completely and utterly shocked at the town. It’s the most beautiful little settlement we’ve ever seen, and it feels like you’ve just stepped back in time a hundred years.

Having never explored much of the Victorian High Country before, we were not expecting Woods Point, but set about finding a place to camp for a few days, to explore the area and do some High Country 4WD tracks.

We drove past Comet Flat Campground turnoff, and decided not to go there straight away with the trailer in tow, as we’d read it wasn’t really suitable for camper trailers and caravans.

Instead, we spent a couple of nights at Jack Scotts Campground on the northern side of Woods Point, and we drove out to Comet Flat Campground twice to look around, and enjoy the area.

Comet Flat Campground
Comet Flat Campground is a beautiful, secluded 4WD accessible camp near Woods Point

Where is Comet Flat Campground?

Comet Flat Campground is a couple of kilometres south of Woods Point, along a narrow, windy road, right on the banks of a beautiful little creek. There’s a sign right opposite the Woods Point Pub that points to Comet Flats.

Woods Point service station
Comet Flats is a short drive south of Woods Point

Do you need a 4WD to get there?

Yes, without a doubt. You could walk in the last section if you really wanted, but there’s a hill climb and descent, with two creek crossings that you’d struggle to get through without a 4WD, particularly after rain (and then you need to take due caution).

Comet Flat is stunning
There’s a couple of spots that absolutely require a 4WD

What’s the camping like?

If you wanted amazing camping in this region, you can’t go past Comet Flat. Asides from having limited, or no reception, its quiet, peaceful, right on the banks of a creek, and completely free. We came back one afternoon just to soak the area up, with its stunning scenery.

Great camping at Comet Flat
The camping here is truly awesome

There’s a huge number of places that you can camp, with some small spots, larger ones and two really big areas that are set up for bigger groups.

Comet Flat Camping
One of two big areas for camping at Comet Flats

There’s a toilet at the main campground, and plenty of fire pits throughout the area as it meanders along the creek.

Comet Flat Toilet
A toilet at the second, large campground

There’s also a couple of 4WD tracks that start, or continue on through Comet Flats that are worth a look; Johnson Hill and a Spur track.

Alternatively, you can easily head down and do the Mt Terrible 4WD Track, which has a lot of different options to get up and down.

Can you tow a caravan or camper trailer into Comet Flat?

If you had a real off-road camper trailer, or hybrid, you’d probably be OK getting in. That means no full size caravans, and certainly nothing with limited clearance. Our Reconn R2 would probably have been OK (just) to get in, but there’s one hill climb and one descent that would push the clearance friendship, and we decided it wasn’t worth the risk, especially as we needed reception to organise repairs to our Isuzu Dmax.

The other thing you want to think about is the first part of the road heading out there; its narrow, and if you met someone else towing anything you’d be reversing, and that’s not fun on the edge of a drop off!

Comet Creek 4WD track
There’s one hill climb and one descent that requires a fair bit of clearance

Want to see the vlog?

If you want to see this in our vlog, you can watch below:

YouTube video

Would we stay at Comet Flat Campground?

In a heartbeat. If you didn’t want reception, and you were camping out of a 4WD, or you had a really capable trailer (like a Kimberley Karavan, Patriot etc) its such a magic spot under the trees, and literally metres away from the water.

It was certainly a nicer campground than Jack Scotts (which was also beautiful), and we’d happily stay at Comet Flats.

Perfect camping at Comet Flat
You wouldn’t complain about the camping at Comet Flat, that’s for sure

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