Mt Terrible 4WD Tracks; great drives with an even better view

After travelling half way across the country, we were pretty excited to head into the Victorian High Country and find some amazing campgrounds, and great 4WD tracks. Our first real day off-road was doing some of the Mt Terrible 4WD tracks, and we had an absolute ball.

At the top of Mt Terrible
At the top of Mt Terrible, with insane views

Where is Mt Terrible?

Mt Terrible is only 15km drive south of Jamieson, and around 260km North East of Melbourne, with a few different ways to get to it.

Woods Point historic service station
It’s also not too far from Woods Point; a beautiful, unique and historical town

What are the 4WD tracks like?

Being on our own, in a vehicle that is supposed to continue taking us around the country for another 18 months or so, I was very keen to see how hard the 4WD tracks would actually be, and whether I’d be wanting to turn around and head back to camp.

As it turns out, nothing we did was overly difficult, but its rough, rocky, incredibly steep in upwards and downwards slopes and you need a vehicle with some decent tyres, a bit of clearance and a driver who knows what lines to take.

Dmax in the high country
Asides from a few spots where you want to pick your lines, this was relatively straightforward

I’m told that this is one of the easier locations to get to in the Victorian High Country by 4WD, and we really enjoyed it.

In essence, the 4WD tracks are steep up or down, with some very rocky and scrabbly sections, and lots of humps to drive over where the water runs off. We didn’t encounter any massive ruts or holes, or obstacles that were overly difficult, but pick a bad line and you’d know about it.

Heading up Moonlight Spur
Driving up Moonlight Spur, which is steep, like many 4WD Tracks in the Victorian High Country

If you’re chasing more epic 4WD tracks in the High Country, we thoroughly enjoyed Billy Goats Bluff, the Crooked River Track, Mount Margaret 4WD Track and Blue Rag Range.

What’s at the top of Mt Terrible?

Arriving at the top, you are met with a glorious view over the Victorian High Country, a beautifully restored Mt Terrible hut (in 2016) and there’s a telecommunications area slightly higher.

There’s plenty of room to park, a couple of nice picnic tables and a fire pit, and that’s about it.

At the Mt Terrible Hut
The Mt Terrible Hut is beautiful, with spectacular views
Mt Terrible Hut has been rebuilt
After the rebuild in 2016, this is a really nice spot
Amazing views off Mt Terrible
The views are absolutely magnificent

What 4WD tracks go to Mt Terrible?

There’s a heap of different ways that you can get to Mt Terrible, and you can basically build your own path.

From the East, on Mansfield-Woods Point Road, you can head up the Poletti Track, which turns onto Mt Terrible Track and takes you right to the top. This is probably the easiest, and fastest way up and down.

Poletti Track
The Poletti Track is quite short, but steep and fast to get to the top of Mt Terrible

You can also take the Moonlight Spur Track, onto Mount Terrible Track.

Steep 4WD Tracks on Moonlight Spur
Moonlight Spur is a longer track from further south

Alternatively, you can come from the West off Big River Road via Donald Track, or up Newmans Track, off Eildon-Jamieson Road.

You can also come from the North off Eildon-Jamieson Road, or Lakes Track.

If you are coming from the south, you can come along the Ryan Spur Track and Cornhill Road, which takes you all the way to Mount Matlock.

Mt Terrible to Mt Matlock Track
The Mt Terrible Track connects to the Mt Matlock Track

How did we get to and from Mt Terrible?

We left Jack Scotts Campground in the morning, heading north out of Woods Point, and turned onto Moonlight Spur Track, which Google suggested would be the fastest way up. This track starts off going through a couple of creeks, with the second one having a couple of rocks that could do damage with bad wheel placement, and then it goes up and down all the way to Mount Terrible Track.

Moonlight Spur to Mt Terrible Track
We went up the Moonlight Spur 4WD track
Up to Mt Terrible
Mt Terrible Track comes right off Moonlight Spur

It wasn’t overly difficult, but its steep with a few obstacles to be cautious of. We then turned right onto Mount Terrible Track, and took that all the way to the top. This part of the track is steep, but also very rocky, and quite rough.

Mt Terrible Track to the top
We then turned onto Mt Terrible Track and followed that north to the top

Arriving at the top, we were keen to head towards Matlock, but looking at the maps, and realising it had taken near on two hours to get to the top of Mt Terrible, we decided to continue north along the Mount Terrible Track, and turn down Poletti Track, and back onto the Mansfield-Woods Point Road near Kevington, and take that track back to camp.

Heading down the Poletti Track
Heading back down the Poletti Track was much shorter
The Poletti Track was easy enough
Stopped along the Poletti Track

Our total trip was about 4.5 hours, including lunch at the top of Mt Terrible, and that’s enough with two young kids in the back. I’d have liked to do Matlock as well, but not if we were going to spend another 3 + hours in the car with the kids!

Heading along the Mansfield-Woods Point Road
The Mansfield-Woods Point Road is rough in sections, but seriously beautiful

Watch the vlog

Mt Terrible was nothing short of amazing, and you can see our full vlog below:

YouTube video

What do you need for this track?

In the scheme of things this track isn’t that remote, but I’d always recommend you take a PLB or satellite phone regardless. You have good reception in places on the way up, and its great at Mount Terrible, but useless in most other places.

You need decent tyres for this; a good set of light truck, all terrains would be the minimum in my opinion. Let your tyres down a decent amount to absorb the bumps and to give extra traction, but not so low that you do a sidewall on a rock. We ran 24 on the front and 28 on the rear, and it seemed to work well.

Rocks in the Victorian High Country
Good tyres, and lower pressures are the key

A bit of extra clearance wouldn’t go astray, and then just pick your lines carefully. If its wet, this track would be all kinds of fun.

Is it worth a visit to Mount Terrible?

The views on the way up, and at the top are nothing short of breath-taking, and I really enjoyed it. Parts of the track were quite slow, rough and tiring, but there was enough to keep you entertained and concentrating.

Views of the High Country
I’ll never forget our first proper views of the Victorian High Country

For a first 4WD track in the Victorian High Country, we all enjoyed it, and look forward to many more!

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