Surfside Holiday Park in Warnambool

After a pretty cruisy start to the day at the Hawksdale Golf Club Camp, we headed south towards Warnambool to begin our Great Ocean Drive. The plan was to get water, food, fuel and a few odds and end in town before heading out to a free camp north east, except we never left, and spent a night at Surfside Holiday Park instead.

We never intended on staying a night in Warnambool, but after trying about 8 different places to get fresh water, and seeing how good the playground and beach is, I felt a strange draw to pull up for the night and explore it more, and that’s exactly what we did.

Warnambool Beaches
We never intended in staying at Warnambool, but fell in love with it

Where is Surfside Holiday Park?

You’ll find this caravan park out towards Stingray Bay, with it covering a truly staggering amount of land. It backs onto the beach just nearby the surf club, and is opposite a truly awesome set of playgrounds.

Surfside Park at Warnambool
Our camp site at Warnambool Surfside Park

Is it any good?

As a Caravan Park, we thought it was decent. The amenities were pretty reasonable, the staff were helpful and friendly and its in an awesome position with the beach on one side and the playgrounds on the other.

Amenities at Surfside Caravan Park
The amenities here are decent, and its a pretty good caravan park

See more on our vlog

Want to see our stay here by vlog? Check out the below:

YouTube video

What does it cost?

We paid $39 for an unpowered site for one night, which is pretty reasonable considering the going prices in the area (particularly the Great Ocean Road!).

Great Ocean Road attractions
A lot of the accommodation options on the Great Ocean Road are very expensive

What amenities do they have?

This is a normal caravan park. There are water taps everywhere, power if you need it, a camp kitchen, numerous toilet and shower blocks, BBQ’s and the normal list of amenities.

Camp kitchen at Surfside Park
Surfside Park has the usual caravan park amenities

What is not good about Surfside Holiday Park?

For a caravan park that is up there with the biggest that I’ve come across, they know how to pack people in. Even the main driveway is not quite wide enough to drive two caravans past each other, and the camp sites are wall to wall, with as much room used as possible.

I could just fit our camper in and car on the other side, but those with full size vans had zero chance of getting their vehicles on the unpowered site with them. I reckon you could have a hard time getting vans into different camping spots too, if you got unlucky.

Tight spots at Surfside Park
They know how to pack people in
Busy park at Warnambool
Some sections were really packed in

We also heard of a heap of bikes getting stolen from here, and made sure that we locked up everything, and left nothing attractive in sight or around camp.

Would we stay again?

Overall, we really liked this place. It’s decent enough value, the area is stunning and the playgrounds across the road really tipped the scales for us. Apparently Surfside caravan park also gives people passing through free water, which is what originally put us onto them, and that’s pretty good.

If you want accommodation in Warnambool, Surfside Holiday Park is reasonable, and whilst we won’t scream from the rooftop about it, we’d stay again.

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