Glendinning Campground; incredible waterfront sites

Victoria has not delivered a single camp site so far that we’ve been disappointed with, and our most recent stay at Glendinning Campground certainly doesn’t break that run. We had pencilled in one night, and upon arrival knew we had to stay another, as its nothing short of perfect.

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Camping at Glendinning is really good
Glendinning is a magnificent place to spend a few nights
Relaxing at Glendinning
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here

Where is Glendinning Campground?

You’ll find Glendinning about 330km West of Melbourne, and 460km South East of Adelaide. You can see the Grampians in the distance, with Halls Gap (the other side of the Grampians) being 112km away.

Glendinning and the Grampians
You can see the Grampians in the distance

What’s the road like to Glendinning?

Access to Glendinning is on a bitumen road all the way, except for the last 1 kilometre or so, which is mildly corrugated gravel. It’s easy enough to get all types of vehicles in here, as long as they aren’t massive.

Glendinning Campground in Victoria
The gravel section is short and reasonable

Do you need a 4WD?

No, not at all. We saw a lot of 2WD vehicles exploring the areas. You will get stuck in some places if you are a little too adventurous, but stick to the main gravel tracks and you won’t have any issues at all as long as its dry. As soon as a bit of rain falls though, you want to be very careful where you drive, as some of the camp sites turn to slippery clay.

Welcome to Glendinning Campground
The main campground is accessible to all vehicles
Glendinning after a bit of rain
If its going to rain, watch where you camp as it gets really slippery

Check out our vlog

Want to see what our travels are like, and how Glendinning is on video? Watch the vlog:

YouTube video

Is it Caravan friendly?

Yep, and we saw a heap of Caravans here. Interestingly the government website suggests only small caravans, but we did see a few bigger ones and you’d be fine as long as you were careful where you went.

Main campground at Glendinning
There were a heap of Caravans at Glendinning when we visited

What amenities are there?

There’s a number of toilets at Glendinning in the main camping areas, and we saw a skip bin in place as well, but there’s signs to take your rubbish home. If you are camping away from the main areas expect that you need to be self sufficient.

Toilets at Glendinning
There’s toilets and picnic areas in the main camp area, but if you head away you need to be self sufficient

What’s the camping like?

I was thoroughly impressed with the camping here. We did see a sign on the way in that says you aren’t to camp within 20 metres of the water, but a lot of people were ignoring this.

Our magic spot at Glendinning
We camped back from the water a bit, and loved it

The main area has a number of places you can pull into and camp, and then you can head left or right for quite a distance and find new places to camp. The area to the left has a heap of spots tucked into the reservoir, with plenty of privacy.

We were surprised to see at least 40 people camped outside of the main area, and it seemed like every single little bay that we drove into was taken by someone. We could have squeezed in somewhere, but hate camping too close to others (for their benefit, but ours too), so kept looking.

Eventually we stumbled across a magic, big and open bay that we could camp 20 metres away from the water from, have a nice fire and relax for a couple of days.

Glendinning Campground was fantastic
We had a really good spot, away from everyone at Glendinning

You’ll see in the drone photos below that people are spread out nicely from each other, and you should comfortably be able to find a spot where you are at least 50 – 100 metres away from the next camper, which is perfect.

Lots of room at Glendinning
A lot of the more private sites had someone there, so its clearly popular

About the Rocklands reservoir

The Rocklands reservoir is popular for boating, fishing and water activities, and I was quite surprised by how warm the water was, and also how clean and nice it is. There’s a heap of tree’s and bushes in the water (which is so strange coming from WA!), but its almost all gravel, and I walked in and had a nice dip one afternoon.

Trees in Rocklands Reservoir
The scenery around Rocklands Reservoir is pretty good

I was expecting it to be muddy and a bit gross, but its a beautiful, clean reservoir that looks really inviting, however, you want to get in.

Water at Glendinning
The water is really clean, and we had good gravel access until it was deep

Glendinning fishing

Fishing is hugely popular at Glendinning, and its supposed to be one of the best places in Victoria for catching Redfin. You need a license to fish here, but its a beautiful spot and you’d have a heap of options fishing from a boat or kayak.

Can you take dogs?

Yep, which makes it very attractive to a whole heap of people who travel with their furry pets.

Other camping nearby

Looking on WikiCamps, there’s a heap of other camp sites not too far from Glendinning, in both directions. You can drive a fair distance either way around the reservoir anyway, but if all of the good spots are taken then there are most certainly alternative camping options nearby.

Camping around Glendinning
I’m sure there are plenty of other spots not far from Glendinning

Would we go back to Glendinning Campground?

This place is nothing short of awesome. It’s everything that we like; private, free, water front, beautiful, clean, quiet and more. We’d come back here without a second thought, and its clearly loved with the number of others that we saw enjoying it even outside of school holidays.

Glendinning is a truly magic campground, and you’d be mad not to stay here if you are in the area. Please take your rubbish away, look after it and do the right thing, so everyone can keep using it!

Kids having dinner at camp
Our kids had an absolute ball here

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