Beauchamp Falls; a stunning Great Otways National Park walk

The Great Ocean Road gets a huge amount of attention, and rightly so; its beautiful, and there’s lots to see. However, in doing it, many people miss the amazing attractions that aren’t too far away, like Beauchamp Falls.

We spent 3 nights camped at Beauchamp Falls Campground, and thoroughly enjoyed the area, but were quite surprised at how beautiful the walk to the falls is, and the views from the bottom. This is certainly one of our more favourite Camp sites in Victoria.

Beauchamp Falls are stunning
Beauchamp Falls are truly beautiful

Where is Beauchamp Falls?

You’ll find this beautiful place north of the Great Ocean Road, and in the Great Otways National Park. It’s not too far from Lavers Hill, and also the beautiful Californian Redwoods.

Beauchamp Falls information sign
The information sign at Beauchamp Falls

Do you need a 4WD to get there?

No, and there were plenty of 2WD vehicles that were entering, and leaving with no problems. There’s a short gravel road with a few corrugations and pot holes, but for the most part its pretty reasonable.

How long and hard is the walk?

This walk is really well formed, and quick to get down to. It’s a fairly wide, and level track (sideways) that heads down at a decent rate, before you arrive at a heap of stairs, that take you the rest of the way.

Beauchamp Falls sign
It’s certainly steep!
Walking to Beauchamp falls
The walk down is easy enough, but coming back up is hard

At the bottom, you can either go down to the stream and walk right up to the falls (and swim if you feel like a refreshing swim!), or you can stay up a level and go to the lookout.

Relaxing at the bottom of Beauchamp Falls
There’s plenty of room to spread out down the bottom

I reckon you’d get down in under 30 minutes, and it takes a bit longer to get back up. In the scheme of things the walk is fairly quick, but your legs will know they’ve done a hike by the time you come back up!

Beauchamp Falls Car Park and day use area
Arriving back at the campground and day use area, your legs will know they’ve done some work!

Would we recommend a visit to Beauchamp Falls?

I was quite surprised at how big, and stunning these falls are. We’ve been to a heap of others in the Great Otways National Park, and Beauchamp is one of the nicer ones, with a fantastic walk, and waterfall that you can get really close to. Even in late February there was still quite a bit of water flowing down, and we had a nice picnic relaxing at the bottom of the falls.

If you have time, I’d certainly put the Beauchamp Falls on the list of places to check out, and if you can, spend a night here; its magic. They’re very different to Erskine Falls, and the fact that you can camp here makes it all the better.

Beauchamp Falls walk views
Beauchamp Falls, and the walk to it are completely worth doing

If you’re keen, watch our vlog of our visit to Beauchamp falls below:

YouTube video

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