Glengarry Pub Camping; an overnighter to the High Country

In Australia there’s a large number of pubs that let you camp out the back for free, which is pretty awesome. Of course, the unwritten rule is that you go and buy some drinks, or have a meal, which is more than fair, and we’ve made use of this on a couple of occasions. Our latest one was the Glengarry Pub in Victoria, which has a nice grass area behind the pub where they allow you to camp.

Camped at the back of Glengarry Pub
We spent a night behind the Glengarry Pub

Where is Glengarry Pub?

You’ll find this place about 15 minutes north of Traralgon, which suited us perfectly as we headed there to stock up on food and fuel, before looking for a place to pull in overnight that wasn’t too far away.

What’s the camping like?

Directly behind the pub, up their driveway is a decent grassy area, which is overflow parking and room for camping. There’s enough room for 4 or so vans if people park sensibly, and asides from a bit of noise from the pub itself, its actually pretty quiet.

You need to be self contained here, but the lovely staff even offered us firewood and a fire pit if we wanted, which was pretty nice of them. We didn’t take the offer up, but its a great show of friendliness, which was in line with the rest of the staff that we dealt with. Aussie pubs are often really good in that way.

Camped at Glengarry Pub
It’s a decent, easy to access camping area

Glengarry Pub meal

Pub meals are the best, and it had been a while since we could eat out, so we jumped at the opportunity to have a meal at the Glengarry Pub. Being right next to where you’re sleeping is always a winner when you have younger kids, and we booked a table at 5:30PM, and headed in.

Wednesday night is Parmy night, and I got a big classic Parmy for just $20, whilst the kids had chicken nuggets and chips, and Sarah got a fisherman’s basket, along with drinks. The food was really decent, with the chips being absolutely delicious.

I did find a small piece of plastic in my meal, but I wasn’t overly worried about it, and these things happen.

Glengarry Pub Meal
Eating a delicious meal at Glengarry Pub

Watch our YouTube episode

If you want to see our stay here, and our travels through the Victorian High Country, you’ll find our vlog below:

YouTube video

Does it suit caravans?

Yep, you’d get caravans in here without too much of an issue. Speak to the staff, and walk up the driveway if you are concerned, but there’s enough room. One thing that is worth checking out though, is the angle of the driveway and road; anything with low clearance could have issues, but if its an off road van you should be perfectly fine.

Its a great overnighter

If you are looking for somewhere to pull up for the night, and to have a day off cooking, its a pretty good option. Keen on more great camp sites in Victoria? We’ve got you covered too!

Lots of room to camp
It’s a pretty good spot to pull up for a night

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