Fort O’hare Campground in Dartmoor; a great start to Victoria

After 4 amazing months exploring a huge number of great places in South Australia, it was finally time to cross the border and head into Victoria. Sarah had found a free camp that looked really good, which we decided to check out called Fort O’hare, in Dartmoor.

The photos looked like it was beautiful, and still really green, which had me a bit sceptical, but it really was as beautiful as what we’d seen, and it was a stunning start to our Victoria camping and 4WD experience!

Fort O'hare camping in Victoria
Our first night camping in Victoria was really, really good

Where is Fort O’hare?

This great campsite is located in Dartmoor, not too far away from the South Australia and Victoria Border. It’s 40 minutes from Mount Gambier, and 45 minutes from Portland, right on the main road on your way through.

The actual campground location is in a big grassy area, split into two levels that butts up against the river. There’s big, beautiful gums with lots of shade, plenty of places to walk around and its not far from the playground.

Free camping in Dartmoore
You couldn’t possibly complain about this spot

What does it cost to camp?

Camping here is completely free. There’s not even a donation box, which I thought was interesting, as its absolutely worth some money. If you’re looking for more Free Camping in Victoria, we’ve got a comprehensive post for that too.

When we stayed, there were at least 20 other rigs setup and enjoying the area, and there was still plenty of room for more to come in.

Dartmoor camping room
There’s heaps of room for all types of rigs

Watch us on YouTube

Want to see what its like on video? Here’s our vlog from our stay:

YouTube video

What amenities are there?

Fort O’hare has a really clean and good condition drop toilet, and that’s it. There’s a dump point in town that you can make use of, and a flowing spring that you can fill water tanks from, but nothing else at the camp ground.

There are a couple of fire pits scattered around the place, and you can walk about 500 metres to a decent playground for the kids.

Dartmoor Playground
The Dartmoor Playground was a hit with our kids

If you are going to use the spring to fill your water tanks (its supposed to be beautiful water), you should know that this has limited head pressure, and if you run a long hose, or are trying to pump it into the bottom of your tanks, it won’t work very well.

Filling up from the Dartmoor Spring
The Dartmoor Spring is not far away, and pretty unique

It’s fairly slow, and you can stop the flow with your fingers. The spring runs all the time, and I tried to use it to hose some dust off our solar panels, but by the time you lift it up that high its lost almost all of its flow. We filled up a couple of our tanks, and left the rest for another spot.

What can you do in Dartmoor?

We had a great walk along the river here, and checked out the very picturesque railway bridge and little rapids. There were a heap of Blackberries that would be weeks away from being ripe, which you’d have a good feed from (if they are all OK!).

Walking along the river at Dartmoor
Walking along the river is really picturesque
Big bridge over the river
The big bridge is pretty amazing

Dartmoor is well known for a heap of wooden sculptures that are scattered throughout town, which are pretty incredible to check out.

Wooden sculptures at Dartmoor
There’s a heap of sculptures, and some are huge
Dartmoor wooden sculptures
We had a heap of fun looking at them all

There’s a general store where you can get basics, and fuel, but not much else in the way of shops.

Overall, this was a brilliant start to our Victoria Camping adventures, and if you are looking for somewhere to rest your head you can’t go wrong!

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