Hinnomunjie Bridge; peaceful free camping near Omeo

After another amazing stint in the Victorian High Country, we rolled into Omeo, which is a stunning part of the world. We’d considered staying at the Omeo Caravan Park, and it looked amazing, but after getting quoted $52 a night for our family, we decided to move on, and found another free camp not far out called Hinnomunjie Bridge.

Now, before we go on, I’m not going to say Omeo Caravan Park isn’t worth $52 a night because it looked fantastic, but that’s a couple of bakery runs for us, and when you’re living on the road full time, money adds up fast and we’ve become very aware of what we’re prepared to spend money on, and what we aren’t.

You can read more about the costs to travel Australia, and perhaps find yourself a magic free camp in Victoria.

Hinnomunjie Bridge free camping
Our spot at Hinnomunjie Bridge near Omeo

Where is Hinnomunjie Bridge?

You’ll find this place roughly 20 minutes north of Omeo, in the Omeo Valley. It’s bitumen all the way, and the traffic on this part of the road is very minimal, making it nice and quiet.

Hinnomunjie Bridge old and new
Hinnomunjie Bridge is only a short drive out of Omeo

What’s there?

This camp ground goes over the new bridge, and you can see the old one next to it. It’s essentially a big grassy area that follows the creek. There’s lots of level spots, and lots of lumpy spots, with fairly limited shade.

Big camping area at Hinnomunjie Bridge
There’s heaps of room to camp

You can get down to the creek in a couple of spots, but the water is often moving quickly and its not really ideal for swimming.

There’s a few shallow sections, but the river can flow pretty quickly

What does it cost, and do you need to book?

This place is completely free, and requires no booking at all. It would accommodate a huge number of people if really needed, not that I’d expect it to ever become incredibly busy.

Is it Caravan friendly?

Yep, you’d get any sort of caravan into here with no issues at all, and there were a lot of them camped up.

Is it worth a stay?

This place is quite nice, and it’s a lovely spot to wake up to, but its got nothing on some of the Victorian High Country camp sites we’ve stayed at in the past. For an overnighter near Omeo it’s a ripper, with limited access to the creek that flows quite quickly. The green grass is a nice touch, and we quite liked our stay here, but probably wouldn’t go out of our way to come back without a good reason.

Hinnomunjie Bridge looking at camp
Looking back towards camp

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