Lake Elizabeth Campground; magic camping with a big reputation

We’re always on the lookout for amazing campgrounds and places to see, and when a handful of Victorians mentioned that Lake Elizabeth was worth a visit, we put it on the list to see. We drove in from Beauchamp Falls Campground, which was one of the slowest drives I’ve ever done, along Turtons Track, which winds itself back and forth more times than I care to count, but it was very scenic.

Lake Elizabeth Campground
At the stunning Lake Elizabeth Campground

Where is Lake Elizabeth?

This stunning lake is directly West of Lorne, and takes about 55 minutes to get to it. It’s also almost directly north of Skeynes Creek, and in the beautiful Great Otways National Park.

Information sign at Lake Elizabeth
The information sign at Lake Elizabeth

Why is it so well known?

Asides from the incredible natural beauty that Lake Elizabeth offers, its well known as a place to see the elusive platypus. If you are into hiking there’s a heap of brilliant tracks to do, and the campground is well known as one of the more picturesque ones around.

Platypus signs at Lake Elizabeth
Lake Elizabeth is one of the better places to see wild platypus

Walking to Lake Elizabeth

From the day use area, you can walk to Lake Elizabeth in about 30 minutes, and maybe a bit faster if you don’t have a 6 year old in tow. Its fairly easy, with exception of a couple of ascents. When you arrive, you’re at the bottom of the lake, and you can only see a tiny snippet of it, as the lake is not very round. 

Lake Elizabeth walk information
The signs showing the distance and length of walks at Lake Elizabeth
Walking to Lake Elizabeth
It’s a pretty walk, with a few sections to make you puff
Pond on the way to Lake Elizabeth
You walk past a beautiful pond on the way to Lake Elizabeth
Walking out to Lake Elizabeth
This is the first view of Lake Elizabeth that you get

You can access the water in a couple of places, but you need to walk around the lake if you want better views, or a good chance of seeing a platypus.

Lake Elizabeth is beautiful
There’s no denying that its a beautiful, untouched place

Here’s our vlog from the visit:

YouTube video

If you want to walk all the way around the Lake, it will take about 3.5 hours from the day use area, but a heap of people rave about it. I’d have liked to do this, but Oliver and I left Sarah and Cooper in the car as they weren’t feeling great.

Lake Elizabeth Platypus
Despite looking for some time, we didn’t see any of the elusive platypus

Lake Elizabeth Campground

The campground at Lake Elizabeth is stunning, but its not very large, and is only suitable for tent camping. Camping from your vehicle is not possible, and they have a dedicated unloading zone which is set up for people to pull in, pull their camping gear out and then move out the way.

Lake Elizabeth Campground
The campground is beautiful, but its small and only suits tents
Lake Elizabeth Campground
The rest of the campground
Toilets at Lake Elizabeth
Toilets, a short walk away from the campground

If you have a camper trailer, caravan, roof top tent or even sleep inside your vehicle, Lake Elizabeth is not suitable, which is a shame as its a beautiful place.

Would we stay here?

Asides from the fact that we couldn’t, as we have a trailer, I honestly think that Aire Crossing competes in terms of beauty and access. Lake Elizabeth is stunning, and if you are into walking or hiking, its certainly worth going to, but its quite a bit further, and out of the way to get to.

Lake Elizabeth from the side
I’d love to stay a few nights, and walk around the lake

Ultimately, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to camp sites in Victoria, and Lake Elizabeth is a stunning example of how amazing some of these places are. 

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