Maits Rest Rainforest Walk; break on the Great Ocean Road

The Rainforest region of Victoria is nothing short of spectacular, and we fell in love with it, taking our time and exploring as many places as we could get to.

After leaving the beautiful Blanket Bay down at Cape Otway, we decided to call into Maits Rest and do the Rainforest walk, as the kids were keen to do a walk (which they aren’t always), and the previous rainforest walks we’d done in the Great Otway National Park had been spectacular.

Maits Rest Rainforest Walk
Maits Rest Rainforest Walk is a great spot to stop
Maits Rest information sign
The information sign at Maits Rest

Where is Maits Rest Rainforest Walk?

You literally drive within 50 metres of this walk as you head along the Great Ocean Road, just north of Cape Otway itself.

Kids at Maits Rest
The start of the walk is literally 50 metres from the Great Ocean Road

How hard is the walk?

This is one of the easiest walks around, with a huge amount of effort that has gone into walkways, bridges and stairs. It’s short, not overly taxing and really easy for the large majority of people.

Oliver at Maits Rest doing an easy walk
The walkways at Maits rest are really well done
Lots of work gone into the boardwalks
A huge amount of effort has gone into making this walk

What’s it like?

We really liked Maits Rest. The tree’s were incredible, and if you take your time there’s something different to see from every angle. I feel some photos might do better justification than my words though:

Tree at Maits rest
One of the first, big trees you see at Maits rest
Amazing ancient wonders
Unbelievable root formations
Hollow tree at Maits rest
A massive hollow at the bottom of the tree
Family adventures exploring the Great Otways National Park
Further along the track is a massive tree that’s fallen and been cut

How does it compare to Melba Gully?

We previously stopped at Melba Gully, and did the walk which we also loved. The walks are different, and both worth doing. Melba Gully is much longer, and harder, with more rainforest scenery to see. Maits Rest has truly insane trees to look at, with different views that are pretty, and because its short, its well worth doing.

Melba Gully was stunning too
We really liked Melba Gully too, but Maits rest is much easier

Would we recommend stopping for a look?

Yep, stop the car, get out and stretch your legs. It doesn’t take long, but the trees here are nothing short of beautiful, and our whole family had a good time. Maits Rest Rainforest Walk is another fantastic Great Otways National Park attraction that is worth doing!

Maits Rest sign
Maits Rest is absolutely worth a visit

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