Sheepyard Flat Campground

Looking for magic, free camping in the Victorian High Country that you can easily get to? Sheepyard Flat is one of the better known camp sites in the high country, and its reputation is well deserved. After a couple of nights camping around Mt Buller, we decided to head in and check it out.

In the end we stayed at Frys Flat, but we drove through Sheepyard Flat a number of times and they’re basically right next to each other, with lots of similarities

Sheepyard Flats is a popular camp site
A lot of people stay at Sheepyard Flats, and its a great spot

Where is Sheepyard Flat?

You’ll find this place not far from Howqua Huts. Its roughly 60 km from Jamieson, and 37 km from Mansfield.

Sheepyard Flat River
Its right on the Howqua River

What does it cost to camp?

It’s completely free to camp here, like the vast majority of the Victorian High Country, which is absolutely awesome to see.

Sheepyard Flat camping
Another totally free camp in the Victorian High Country

What amenities are there?

Sheepyard Flat has drop toilets, and that’s it. You need to be self sufficient, and take out what you bring in.

Camping at Sheepyard Flat
There’s toilets here, but leave no trace

Is it caravan friendly?

Yep, providing it hasn’t rained and the roads are in good condition, we saw a lot of caravans come and visit here. If its rained or the road is rough its not a good idea as the hill descent down is quite steep.

You want to know how to descend a hill with a caravan properly using engine braking, and take your time in.

Sheepyard Flat road in
The road into Sheepyard Flat and Frys Flat is normally in good condition, but watch the rain

Camp sites nearby

We mentioned above that we ended up staying at Frys Flat, which I think is better, but they’re all beautiful spots along the creek. You can head the other way to a number of other camp sites as well, but be aware that they are all quite popular on the weekends.

Riverside camping at Frys Flat
We stayed at Frys Flat, which we absolutely loved

What can you do nearby?

There’s a number of historical huts nearby that are worth a visit. We thoroughly enjoyed a day out to Bluff and Lovicks Hut, and then did a heap of Howqua flats 4WD tracks. The creek at the camp site is stunning as well, and its not actually that far to drive to Craigs Hut and even Mt Buller, if you’ve never been before.

Is it worth a stay?

For a base, or an introduction into the Victorian High Country you can’t go past Sheepyard Flat, or Frys Flat, or any of the other camp sites along the river here. Just be aware that it does get busy, but its a ripper place to stay for a few nights!

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