Razorback Hut; another great High Country Hut

The High Country in Victoria is full of a huge number of old, historical huts that are nothing short of spectacular, and on our visit we managed to see quite a number of them, including Razorback hut, which was well worth a short detour, on the way to Craigs Hut.

Razorback Hut in the High Country
Checking out Razorback Hut

Where is Razorback Hut?

This is certainly one of the easier huts to get to, with it being a tiny drive off Circuit Road. We accessed it from Mt Stirling Road, and you can get there very easily. Of course, there are alternative ways to get there, with a huge number of 4WD tracks in the high country if you want to explore them.

View from Razorback Hut
It’s only a short drive off Circuit Road

Do you need a 4WD to get there?

Circuit Road is doable in an AWD, and possibly even a 2WD in good condition, but getting to Razorback Hut is probably 4WD territory. The drive off Circuit Road is short, but there’s a few holes to avoid, and you do need a bit of clearance. You’d probably get there in an AWD with some clearance, but a 4WD is always the preferred option.

Razorback Hut views
This is another pretty incredible hut in the High Country

Camping at Razorback Hut

If you are looking for somewhere to pull up, you can camp around Razorback Hut in a number of places. You should know that this is used for commercial horse riding tours, and it can be busy, with the hut in use, but there should always be plenty of room around the hut to set up for a night or two.

Is it worth a look?

If you are driving to Craigs Hut, its a no brainer to call in here. It’s certainly one of the larger huts, and is equally as impressive, and very quick and easy to get to. We had a good walk around the hut, and were glad we’d called in. 

Have you been to Razorback Hut? What did you think of it?

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