Mt Cowley Track; a cruisy drive near Anglesea

Whilst staying at Jamieson Creek Campground, we headed off on a couple of 4WD tracks, with the second one being Mt Cowley Track. This is nothing extreme, and very short, but it was worth a look.

Mt Cowley 4WD track
Exploring the region around Mt Cowley

About Mt Cowley

The Great Otways National Park is a beautiful place, and when I read that Mt Cowley is the highest point, I thought it’d be worth a look. On top of the Mountain is a heap of communications gear, and a track that goes right past it.

Communications tower at Mt Cowley
Lots of communications gear on top of Mt Cowley

Where is Mount Cowley?

You’ll find this place not too far out of Anglesea. We did it on the way back from Erskine Falls, and had no issues finding or getting to it.

Erskine Falls
Mt Cowley isn’t too far away from the beautiful Erskine Falls

How difficult is the 4WD track?

Asides from the descents, and a couple of holes to avoid, this would almost be doable in a 2WD vehicle. You need to use your engine and gears to slow yourself coming down, and avoid using your brakes as much as possible, but excluding a few slippery areas the track is a walk in the park.

Views coming down from Mt Cowley
The 4WD track is very easy

What are the views like?

Well, not that great, if we’re honest. You can see the ocean, and you get glimpses of different parts of the Great Otways National Park, but for the most part the trees block almost all of the views, which we thought was pretty entertaining.

Is it worth doing?

The area around Mt Cowley is pretty beautiful, and if you haven’t done the Jamieson track, or some other 4WD tracks further West, this is a pretty scenic part of the world. We thought it was reasonable, but wouldn’t go out of our way to say its a ‘must do’.

Jamieson Creek Track
We much preferred the Jamieson Track, and the tracks that come off it

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