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Venus Baths in the Grampians

Halls Gap in the Grampians is a pretty magic town, and its got a well known walk that you can do, which takes you to an amazing little stream with a bunch of waterfalls and natural slippery slides that the kids love. Venus Baths is hugely publicised in the tourism brochures, and for good reason; its easy to access, its a beautiful place and you can do it from right in town at Halls Gap.

Venus Baths from further up

Venus Baths are a beautiful, easy to get to attraction in Halls Gap

Where is Venus Baths?

In terms of walks and hikes in the Grampians, Venus Baths is one of the shortest, and easiest walks. It begins in Halls Gap, not far from the school itself and is a super easy walk.

Cooper reading a sign in the garden

You can walk through the Botanical Garden on the way

How difficult is the walk?

As mentioned above, the walk is incredibly easy. It’s even pram friendly until right at the end, with the track being well marked, relatively smooth and flat and super easy. This is the most accessible, and least difficult track in the Grampians and is a far stretch from doing the Pinnacles from Wonderland Carpark!

Easy walk to Venus Baths

The walk is really flat, and easy

Nice scenery on the way to Venus Baths

There’s some pretty stunning scenery on the way

Can you swim there?

Even in the middle of February, there was still enough water flowing for the kids (and maybe myself too!) to strip down and slide down the little, natural slides. There’s some pools that are deep enough to get fully wet in, but pick the ones that have water flowing through them or they’ll be a bit green and mucky.

Whilst it was too cold to have a proper swim when we visited, a few days later it was 37 degrees in the Grampians and I bet it would have been a very busy place!

Oliver at Venus Baths

You can certainly get wet, and slide around a bit

Water at Venus Baths

Some pools are deep enough to swim in, even in summer

Is Venus Baths worth a look?

Yep, absolutely. Our kids loved this place, and given how quick and easy it is to get to, its a no brainer. Have a dip and slide if you are up to it, appreciate the amazing natural beauty, and then wonder what it would be like after a huge rainfall! I bet it would be incredible to see.

If you are going to the Grampians, we’d highly recommend a visit to Venus Baths.

Venus Baths is well worth a look

Its a super easy, picturesque walk that everyone loves

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