Black Diamond Lake; is it actually worth a visit?

If there’s a place within a couple of hours of Perth that has a huge reputation, its Black Diamond Lake. Originally a mine, its been allowed to fill with water and turned into quite the tourist attraction.

It’s bright turquoise water is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, making it a great place to call in and kick back at.

Black Diamond
The water colour at Black Diamond is like nothing else

Where is Black Diamond Lake?

You’ll find this great place 6km West of Collie, in the shire of Allanson. If you are coming from Perth, you’ll drive right past it on the way to Collie.

It’s only one kilometre off the Coalfields Road (on Ferguson Road) and is accessible for all different types of vehicles. 

Black Diamond from above
Black Diamond is in the shire of Allanson, not far from Collie

What’s there?

Black Diamond Lake has a fair chunk of ‘foreshore’ for you to enjoy, and lots of room to pull up and park. The actual parking area is quite uneven and often has puddles around the place, but there are plenty of areas where you can safely pull up.

If you have a lower clearance vehicle you need to be careful of where you drive.

Black Diamond has portable toilets in place, and that’s it. Interestingly, the river flows right past, on the other side of the Lake, which I never knew about until I stuck the drone up!

Please be aware, and respectful of those who live next to Black Diamond Lake, as there are quite a few here and it is their home. What a place to live though!

Black Diamond Day use area
The main day use area
River at Black Diamond
There’s even a river just across the road

Can you camp at Black Diamond?

Camping and fires are not permitted at Black Diamond Lake, and its one of the most commonly visited areas by the local ranger, who will move you on, or give you a fine.

In years gone by camping at Black Diamond Lake was common, but its no longer, as per the sign below.

Camping at Black Diamond
Camping is not permitted at Black Diamond

Swimming at Black Diamond

You can, and many people do swim in Black Diamond. However, being a disused mine it has higher than normal acidity levels (like Stockton Lake).

If you have sensitive skin, you should avoid swimming. It’s also incredibly cold, and very deep.

On top of the above, when the water is warm (which does happen occasionally) amoeba can grow, which can cause the meningitis. As such, they advise you do not put your head underwater. 

Kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and splashing around is fine though.

Black Diamond Swimming
The water is acidic, and there’s a health warning
Black diamond Colour
The water is so tempting, but its freezing
Paddling at Black Diamond
Its a great place to have a paddle

What else is worth a visit?

Collie is turning into a truly epic place to stay. With the coal mines slowing down there’s been a huge push for tourism, and there are lots of things that have been done in the last few years bringing people in.

Mountain bike trails, ski lakes, the art trail, Wellington Dam Mural and much more make it a worthy weekender for sure.

Skiing at Lake Kepwari
Lake Kepwari is a truly spectacular location
Wellington Dam
The Wellington Dam Mural is hugely popular
Potters Gorge sunrise
Potters Gorge is another beautiful camp site on Wellington Dam

Call in on your way through to Collie

You have to see Black Diamond Lake, at least once. Call in on your way through for a picnic, or to spend a few hours splashing around. It’s a magic place, and one of many great reasons to visit Collie.

Black Diamond with our setup
It’s well and truly worth a visit

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