Wellington Dam Mural; an incredible work of art

Collie is a spectacular part of the world, and they’ve been working hard to diversify their attractions to bring visitors in. One of the major upgrades that has seen people come from all over the world was the Wellington Dam Mural, which was painted a few years ago and is truly spectacular.

Like everyone I’m sure, we’d seen a heap of news articles and photos of the mural, but when you arrive in person to see it, it really is impressive beyond words. If you haven’t been to check it out, we highly recommend it, and stay at one of the amazing camp grounds in the area, like Lake Kepwari or the well known Honeymoon Pool.

Wellington Dam Mural
The Wellington Dam Mural is nothing short of spectacular

About the Wellington Dam Mural

There are no words that can really describe the magnificence of this mural, but here’s a few facts for you:

Guido Van Helten did the mural, which is over 8000m2

It was not his first mega mural, but it was his first time working on a 34 metre tall and 367 metre wide wall using abseiling equipment and suspended scaffolding

Guido was one of 47 applicants for the work, and wanted to talk to the community before providing a mock up.

The mural was designed using 6 images

The paint had to withstand the dam overflowing, and the natural environment

The painting took 4 months to complete, and Guido camped on site whilst it was being done

Mural at Wellington Dam
The Mural from the bottom of the dam

How do you get to the Wellington Dam Mural?

The Mural is located on Wellington Dam Road which turns into Falcon Road, and becomes one way only.

You’ll arrive at the kiosk at the top of the dam, which has plenty of parking and is surprisingly good. From there, you can either walk down, or you can drive down the hill, along the bottom of the dam where the Mural is (with some parking at the bottom), or continue further down the road where there is more parking.

Wellington Dam
There’s a heap of places you can stop to see the Mural

Where’s the best vantage point?

I think the best place to see this is probably at the base of the dam, which you can either walk to, or drive through. There’s a car park really close to the little bridge, and seeing the water flying out, plus the Mural up nice and close takes it to a whole new level.

If you haven’t checked out the Wellington Dam Mural, put it on the list; its stunning! Whilst your there, a look at Black Diamond Lake is worth the drive too.

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