Grey settlement, north of Lancelin

Grey is a small settlement of shacks that have been on an amazing part of coastline for years. Those who own the shacks are lucky enough to enjoy incredible wildlife, swimming, fishing and gorgeous beaches. In many ways, Grey is similar to the Wedge Island Settlement (only just a few km further north!). Next time you head north of Perth, it’s a place you should have a look at.

Grey Islands
An Island off Grey

Where is Grey?

Grey is located just south of Cervantes, right on the beach. There are numerous islands off the coast, with plenty of reef to enjoy too.

How do you get to Grey?

The easiest way to Grey now is along the Indian Ocean Drive. There is a bitumen road which goes off Indian Ocean Drive and a few minutes later you are at Grey. If you want a bit more of a challenge (and own a four wheel drive) you can drive north from Lancelin or Wedge Island (when the tide is down) along the beach. Alternatively, you can drive along the inland tracks. You can also drive south from Cervantes on the beach or an inland track.

Driving along the beach to Grey
You can drive along the beach

Grey Settlement

The actual settlement of Grey has a number of shacks (I would guess around 50) which are used primarily as holiday homes. They might not be the most luxurious forms of accommodation, but the location sure makes up for that. There are tracks that go around Grey (mostly hard sand) which you can drive on. Please drive slowly as there are often dogs and people walking on them too!

Some of the Grey Shacks
A few beach front shacks at Grey

Boating at Grey

Boating at Grey is very popular, with beach launching the only option. Those who are experienced at four wheel driving and beach launching take boats up to about 7 metres to Grey, but it can be difficult to launch them. Boats in between 2 – 5 metres are ideal for the area. The reefs are shallow too, and there is only 2 paths out to the ocean. If you aren’t aware of where the reefs are you can easily damage your boat.

You can take your boat to Grey
Launching a boat on a flat day

Camping at Grey

Camping at Grey is not permitted (what a shame!). You must be staying at the shacks, or you have to go to a caravan park at Cervantes or go even further north again. It is a shame to see camping banned along this coastline!

The future of Grey Shacks

There has been talk about the shacks at Grey being pulled down for many years. Personally I hope it never happens, but we will see.

10km/h at Grey Settlement
Please respect the area

Please remember

People live at Grey, and it is an environment that should be appreciated and looked after. Please take your rubbish with you, stick to the designated tracks and drive slowly. Leave the area as you found it.

Grey Beach
The main beach

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  1. Hi Sharyn,

    Not that I know of. They are owner occupied, or holiday homes for the owners and friends

    All the best

  2. Is it at all possible to rent a shack for a few days

  3. Hi Lorraine,

    I haven’t stayed at Parry’s Beach, but it certainly looks like a nice place. Peaceful bay is fun, but I think I prefer Coalmine Beach. However, it does depend on whether you have a boat or not. Sandy Cape is worth a look too, if you haven’t been there. What about Dwellingup, or Honeymoon Pool? Also, Hamelin Bay is quite nice. There’s also a number of camp grounds in between Margaret River and Dunsborough. How well set up are you?

    Best of luck

  4. Hi me and my hubby would like to go camping in our new tent, we love the beach , fishing, but we don’t have a 4×4 so can only go to assessable places and also we are in our 50’s.The main question was have you stayed at parry’s beach and if so was it a good place to stay or do you like peaceful bay, coalmines beach better.
    We plan on staying for about 10 days .