Galvans Gorge; incredibly easy access, and worth a stop

The Gibb River Road has some of the most spectacular gorges in the country to explore, and we’ve had a heap of fun doing just that on a couple of occasions.

Some of the gorges require a 4WD, and a fair bit of effort to get to, and others are much faster, and easier to get to. 

Galvans Gorge is an example of the latter, with it being very close to the Gibb River Road itself, and having a quick, easy walk in. 

Gibb River Road gorges
One of the most picturesque gorges on the Gibb River Road

Where is Galvans Gorge?

You’ll find this magic place about 190km North East of Windjana Gorge, or 82km from Silent Grove Camp site. The car park is literally a couple of metres off the road itself, with the walk trail beginning right at the car park.

Do you need a 4WD?

You can do the Gibb River Road without a 4WD, and its been done many times. For the most part, the most difficult thing is the corrugations, which can do damage to vehicles after many hours of driving on them.

Technically you can get to Galvans Gorge without a 4WD, and there’s certainly nothing that would require high clearance that’d stop you getting there.

How hard is the walk in?

The walk into Galvans is quick, and for the most part, level as. The signage is pretty average once you get near the creek, but you can’t really go too wrong.

Stick on the left hand side of the creek, and you’ll arrive at the gorge after a short, fairly easy walk.

Galvans Gorge Sign
The sign that you are in the right place
Walking to Galvans Gorge
Walking into Galvans (on the wrong side as we didn’t know!)

What’s Galvans Gorge like?

We really liked Galvans Gorge. It’s the perfect place to stop for lunch, and to have a nice swim.

It takes limited time and effort to get there, and it really is a stunning location. If you can, make time and check it out; you’ll love it.

Enjoying the Gorge
It’s a great Gorge to relax in
Swimming at Galvans
A nice dip in Galvans is well worth it

Do the normal Gibb River Road attractions for sure, but you’re mad not calling into Galvans Gorge for a quick swim, and look around. It’s stunning, easy to get to and completely worth doing.

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