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Skull Springs; the ultimate kids camp ground

After being completely blown away by Running Waters on a previous trip, we were very excited to put Skull Springs onto our destinations to check out on our most recent 3 week trip through the Pilbara.

The short of it is that this might just be the best natural camp site/play ground for young kids that we’ve ever been to. It’s got more streams and creeks running around than I cared to count, spectacular views and a peace and quietness that you rarely experience these days.

We had a very relaxing night here, and spent hours soaking up the amazing views, playing in the creeks with the kids and kicking back around a fire.

I really struggle to put into words how beautiful parts of the Pilbara region are, so in this post we’ve put a heap of photos in that will hopefully give you a better perspective than what I can narrate!

Camped at Skull Springs

Skull Springs is a truly magic camp site

Camped at Skull Springs

The view behind our camper trailer

Skull Springs swimming

There’s even enough water for a small swim at times

Where is Skull Springs?

You’ll find this place about 100km East of Nullagine, just over half way along Skull Springs Road. Its marked by a couple of skulls on a post, on the southern side, and is a short drive in (maybe 2 – 3km). Once you are there, you’ll find a huge number of creeks and places you can pull into camp. We chose the biggest spot just beyond two little crossings, and had an amazing time.

Skull Springs Road

You’ll find this place just off Skull Springs Road

Why is it so fantastic?

The sheer remoteness of a place like this was hugely exciting for us, but the natural beauty is second to none. You’ll find a huge number of creeks and pools meandering their way down the rocky and sandy area, and it’s a kids paradise.

Our children splashed, built dams and towed a little toy boat around for hours, and we even managed to build a small river by connecting a stagnant pool to a stream a few metres away, down a small slope.

Reflections at Skull Springs

The scenery is up there with the best

The bird life is stunning, it’s an incredibly scenic place to get to and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Creeks at Skull Springs

There’s just endless amounts of creeks

Enjoying camp

We didn’t see a soul for several days here

Do you need a 4WD to get there?

Yes, without a doubt. Skull Springs Road is quite rough, and you need the clearance. We towed our Reconn R2 in, and you’d get a well built fully off-road Caravan in fairly close, but it would be too tight to camp on the actual creek bed.

There were a couple of spots that you could camp further out of Skull Springs, and walk in if you had a bigger rig.

Skull Springs Road

Skull Springs Road can be pretty rough

Big washout on Skull Springs Road

We saw a few of these huge wash outs that would hurt at speed

4WD necessary

You’ll go through a few water crossings too

Skull Springs Road exit

The entry to Skull Springs absolutely requires a 4WD

What amenities are there?

Zero; absolutely nothing; you need to be entirely self sufficient, and that means leaving zero trace, and taking out everything you brought in!

Skull Springs Road washing

You need to be completely self sufficient

What does it cost?

Absolutely nothing again

Channel cutting at Skull Springs

Paradise, for $0 per night

Give it a stay

We seriously loved this place, and would happily spend a few more days there again!

Water at Skull Springs

Skull Springs is like nothing else we’ve been to

I don’t know what the water levels are normally, and maybe we got really lucky with the rain that they had earlier, but it was absolutely magic.

Camped at Skull Springs

Tucked away in a slice of paradise

Have you been to Skull Springs before? Put it on the list, and look after it!

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