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Camping, Fishing and 4WDing at Belvidere

Belvidere is a fantastic beach not too far away from Perth, which has great fishing, plenty of beach to 4WD on and a camp site a couple of kilometres inland. It’s one of 7 fantastic camp sites near Perth.

Enjoying Belvidere Beach

Belvidere Beach from the dunes

Where is Belvidere

Belvidere is located some 20km north of Bunbury, near the Leschenault Inlet. To get there from Perth, just head down the Kwinana Fwy, onto Forrest Hwy and turn right at Buffalo Road. From there, you head south to the camp site or beach. It’s under 2 hours away from Perth, making it the perfect weekend getaway

Belvidere inlet

Explore the place!

Things to do

Belvidere is popular for a number of reasons, including just getting away from the city for a break. The beach is known for good four wheel driving and fishing, and although it isn’t the most picturesque of beaches, it’s certainly worth a visit. The animals in the area are very active, including a variety of birds, plenty of kangaroos and the occasional possum. Leschenault Inlet is popular for boating, kayaking, fishing and hiking. There are a number of tracks which go through the area, including one that goes to the Cut; where the inlet flows in and out.

Fishing at Belvidere

One of the main reasons people visit Belvidere is for the fishing. The beach is well known for whiting, herring, skippy, tailor, mulloway and salmon (in the right season). The inlet is a popular place for fishing too, with whiting, black bream and herring being very common. In May, we landed 3 decent Salmon, and got a number up close to the beach before they busted off. There’s nothing better than a good salmon on the end of your rod!

Fishing at Belvidere

The last Salmon for the day

Belvidere Campsite

The campsite at Belvidere is a DPAW (former DEC) site, and is one of the better sites I’ve been to. Firewood is provided (although you aren’t allowed fires between 10AM and 6PM), there are 2 toilets and the campsites are very generous in size. In total, there are 11 sites, some of which are suitable for camper trailers and caravans. Each site has its own concrete BBQ ring and BBQ plate. To stay here, it is $10 per night, per person

Belvidere camping

Our camp site at Belvidere

Belvidere Beach 4WDing

South of Perth has some great beaches you can drive on, and Belvidere is one of them. If you get onto the beach at Belvidere, you can drive north to Buffalo beach, then onto Binningup. When the tide is low, I imagine you could also drive from Binningup onto Myalup Beach. From there, you can drive north to Preston Beach and White Hills, and occasionally all the way to Tims Thicket (most of the time there is a rocky headland that stops you from going through, unless you want to dunk your 4WD in salt water!)

Belvidere beach 4x4

A great beach to drive along


My thoughts

This is a fantastic place to go for the weekend. It’s close enough to pack up after work on Friday and head down, but not so close that its packed every weekend. The camp site is very good, and welcomed after a day’s fishing! I will be visiting Belvidere more often in Salmon season! I made a video of when we were down there, which you can see below:

Belvidere camp fire

Relaxing around the fire

Local Roo at Belvidere

More locals

Locals at Belvidere

Some of the locals

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  • John March 5, 2018, 3:13 PM

    How do we book belvidere camp ground?
    Thanks john

  • Aaron Schubert March 5, 2018, 9:03 PM

    Hey John,

    You can’t mate. Its first come first serve.


  • Sharon July 3, 2019, 11:37 PM

    Can we take our small dog

  • Aaron Schubert July 4, 2019, 6:35 PM

    Hi Sharon,

    Unfortunately not


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