50 amazing experiences in Western Australia

Western Australia is often touted as the best state in the country in terms of amazing sights to see, and experiences to be had. We might be a bit biased, but there are so many amazing things you can do here, and in this post we check out 50 of them:

Whale watching at Point Ann

There’s nothing quite like seeing a mother whale and her calf jump out of the water metres from the beach, and Point Ann in the Fitzgerald River National Park is one of the best places in Australia to see them from the shore.

The whales come into the bay to breed and find a slice of sanctuary, and its incredible to see how many pass through each day.

Fitzgerald River National Park
Point Ann, where the whales find safe haven in the bay
Whales galore
Whale watching at Point Ann

Swim in the turquoise water at Lucky Bay

Western Australia has some of the whitest beaches in the world, and Lucky Bay is probably the most well known. Despite being a bit on the cooler side for a dip, you won’t find many places that are more picturesque!

Esperance beaches
The water at Lucky Bay is so blue it almost seems unbelievable

Drive up Callcup Hill

If you have a 4WD, and haven’t been to Yeagarup, put it on the list. Not only is the Warren River a spectacular place to check out, but conquering Callcup Hill is a lot of fun. 

Callcup Hill
Callcup Hill is quite the challenge

Find the sea eagle nest at Quoin Head

You’ll find a heap of amazing 4WD tracks in the Fitzgerald River National Park, but the track out to Quoin head is something else though, and just before the downhill descent is a big Sea Eagle nest that is well worth a look.

Sea Eagle
The Sea Eagle nest at Quoin head is pretty spectacular
Fitzgerald River National Park
The area surrounding it is even better though!

Swim with the whale sharks and manta rays.

There’s a heap of reasons why you should visit the Ningaloo Reef, in the areas of Coral Bay and Exmouth. One of the major attractions though, is the giant whale sharks that you can swim with. Part of the year you’ll be able to swim with Manta Rays, and then Whale Sharks, which can be up to around 12 metres long. 

Ningaloo Reef
Are you keen to swim with a whale shark twice the length of your car?!

Camp meters from the water at Warroora Station

If you like remote, beach camping you are spoilt for choice up north. Warroora Station is our favourite though, with some of the best camping around.

Warroora Station Camping
Camping at 14 mile, metres away from the beach

Watch a sunset on Cable Beach

Not much compares to kicking back on a beautiful beach and watching the sun go down. In WA, we can do that every single day, but Cable Beach is one of the best beaches to do it at. 

Cable Beach 4WD
The sunsets at Cable Beach in Broome are another level

Climb to the top of El Questro Gorge

If you are into hiking, and are prepared to get wet, and suffer through a couple of hours of mind blowing scenery, you’ll find yourself at the top of El Questro Gorge; a truly magic location.

El Questro Gorge Hike
At the end of the El Questro Gorge walk

Do the Gibb River Road

There are plenty of iconic 4WD tracks in WA, and the Gibb River Road is one of the most well known adventures. At just under 700km in total length, this is just the beginning; you can do several thousand kilometres exploring all of the attractions, and they are some of the best that WA has to offer.

Manning Gorge reflections
Beautiful reflections at Manning Gorge
Kimberley camping
Camp under the Boab trees

Make it to the top of Francois Peron National Park

One of our favourite National Parks in WA is Francois Peron, at the top of Denham, and not too far from Monkey Mia. There’s a heap of great DPAW camp sites, amazing red cliffs, brilliant fishing and some of the best lookouts around for seeing turtles, dolphins, sharks, dugongs and even whales

Skipjack Point at Francois Peron
The lookout at the top of Francois Peron is incredible
Sunset at Francois Peron
The sunsets against the red sand are stunning.

Explore the wildflowers at Coalseam Conservation Park

WA has some very unique wildflowers, and plenty of the amazing blooms. One of our favourite places to see the wildflowers close to Perth is Coalseam Conservation Park. Words and photos simply don’t do this place justice.

Coalseam Conservation Park
Huge blooms of yellow wildflowers
Pink Wildflowers near Perth
So many incredible flowers to see!

Cruise on Lake Argyle

Located literally on the WA border with the NT, Lake Argyle is the largest man made water body in the southern hemisphere. Home to more amazing creeks and wildlife than you can fathom the best way to really get a feel for the lake is to jump on a cruise, and to explore the area by boat. There’s plenty of options, and they are well worth it.

Lake Argyle is massive
Endless amounts of water!
Lake Argyle reflections
You’ll have your breath taken away time and time again

Kick back on a beach at Coral Bay

Despite its heavy tourism presence, Coral Bay is one of the most beautiful places in WA. The beaches in the area are warm, crystal clear and super inviting.

Five Finger Reef at Coral Bay
Coral Bay beaches are up there with the best

Canoe the river at Dwellingup

If you are a Perth local, you’ve probably spent some time at Lane Poole Reserve in Dwellingup. It’s the perfect location year round, with so much to do. Come winter though, and the kayaks and canoes come out, and people have a ball floating down the river and navigating the rapids. You need some skills and the right gear to do this, but set up correctly its a world class adventure.

High water levels at Dwellingup
White water rafting at Dwellingup

Explore the 4WD tracks around Duke of Orleans

There’s more WA 4WD tracks to explore than you could do in months, but if it has incredible scenery like Duke of Orleans, it quickly goes to the top of the list. We’ve spent weeks camped in the Duke of Orleans area and always find something more to do.

Duke of Orleans 4WD Tracks
Exploring insane 4WD tracks around Duke of Orleans
Some of the best beaches around
Some of the best beaches on the planet are on the south coast of WA

Catch a salmon on the coast

Every year the WA Salmon run causes a heap of excitement amongst locals, and tourists. They run from around Albany up to Perth, and then turn back around and the fishing can be some of the best you’ll do in the Perth area off the coast.

Salmon fishing
Catching Salmon at Belvidere

Explore West Cape Howe by 4WD

There’s a heap of Albany 4WD Tracks, but West Cape Howe is a favourite of ours. The tracks start just before Shelley beach, pictured below and head to the southern most part of WA. You’ll find beautiful beaches, and some of the most insane and rugged coastline around, along with plenty of challenges in your vehicle.

Shelley Beach West Cape Howe
Shelley Beach at West Cape Howe, where there’s more 4WD tracks than you can poke a stick at

Walk the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

The giant forests in the southern region of WA are amazing to walk amongst on the floor, but there’s a special place where you can walk at the canopy level, and see these giant trees up close and personal. It’s a fascinating place, and worth a visit.

Denmarks Tree Top Walk
Walking along the Valley of the Giants Tree top walk, some 40 metres off the floor!

Visit Lake Jasper

We’ve got some pretty magic fresh water lakes in Western Australia, and one of the most popular is Lake Jasper, not far from Black Point. There’s lots of great 4WD tracks in the area, and the lake itself is beautiful.

Sunset at Lake Jasper
Watching the sunset at Lake Jasper before heading back to camp

Eat amazing food at Margaret River

In terms of reputation, the Margaret River region has a huge one. It’s got it all; from world class surfing, to caving, wine tours, spectacular camping and last but not least, food! If you are after some brilliant food, you can be sure to find a huge range of restaurants and wineries that will deliver in the Margaret River region.

Margaret River food
Margaret River is well known as a food hub!

Try the wood fired bread at Yallingup

There’s nothing quite like wood fired bread, and you can pick some up in between Dunsborough and Yallingup every day except Sunday. Get there quickly though, as it sells out fast!

Wood fired bread
The wood fired bread is delicious

Walk the Busselton Jetty

The Busselton foreshore has not long had a complete overhaul, with the amazing Jetty a huge attraction, and a great playground for the kids. The jetty is 155 years old, and just over 1.8 kilometres! You can catch the train out, and explore the underwater observatory at the end if you please.

Busselton playground
The new foreshore at Busselton is very well done

Explore Rottnest Island

Pick a day where the weather is looking good, and get moving to Rottnest Island. There are ferries that go back and forth all day from a variety of locations around Perth, and the island itself is extremely picturesque.

Check out the Pinnacles at Cervantes

Cervantes is a quiet little town on the coast of WA, that is well known for Crayfish, Stromatolites and the Pinnacles, which are a unique rock formation and a major overseas tourist attraction.

The famous Pinnacles
The Pinnacles at Cervantes

Catch a crayfish at Horrocks

Horrocks is another beautiful coastal town in the mid north west of WA, and if you have cray pots, or know how to dive for them you can get a great feed pretty quickly. 

Explore Murchison House Station

To put the size into WA into some perspective, on the other side of Kalbarri lies the Murchison House Station, which is twice the size of Singapore! With a huge amount of coastline and river frontage, along with hours and hours of 4WD tracks and plenty of history, you’ll have a great time enjoying this station.

Murchison House coast
Exploring the tracks around Murchison House Station

Visit the Western most point of Australian mainland

One of the best land based fishing locations in WA is Steep Point; the western most point of WA. The trip out requires a 4WD, passing some bone jarring corrugations and plenty of sand but once you get there, its a place of beauty like no other.

Shelter Bay Camping
Shelter Bay at Steep Point is simply divine
Steep Point Cliff fishing
Further west is the tip of Steep Point

Take a ride to Dirk Hartog Island

Steep Point is world class, and Dirk Hartog Island takes it to another level. You can only get there by barge, boat, or by flying in. With restricted numbers allowed on the island and some of the most remote beaches and coastlines around, you are guaranteed to find a slice of paradise here.

Dirk Hartog Island Barge
The barge taking a 4WD across to Dirk Hartog Island
Homestead camping DHI
Dirk Hartog Island Homestead

Bath in the artesian hot pools at Wooramel

Australia has some pretty incredible hot springs. You’ll find two at Wooramel Station, not far from Carnarvon.

Artesian Spa
The Artesian Spa’s at Wooramel

Ride a helicopter over the Bungle Bungles

There’s quite a few Kimberley Helicopter Tours that you can do, and one of the more popular locations is at the Bungle Bungles. We spent 15 minutes in a little helicopter and had the time of our life. The perspective you get while driving over the bee hives is breath taking, and despite being very expensive we’d say it was worth it.

Bungle Bungles by Helicopter
The Bungle Bungles Helicopter tour was amazing

Walk the gorges at Karijini National Park

One of the most highly rated National Parks in the whole country is Karijini, and for good reason. With incredible hiking and some of the best waterfalls, gorges and swimming holes you’ll find anywhere people come from all over to enjoy it.

Gorges in Karijini
Picturesque beyond belief
Enjoying the water at Karijini
Hiking through the amazing gorges at Karijini

Visit the Dampier Peninsula

Broome is a special place, but if you head north even further, you’ll find a few locations that take it to a whole new level. Middle Lagoon, Cygnet Bay, Kooljaman and Hunter Creek are some of the best locations we’ve ever been to in terms of adventure, scenery and culture.

Fishing at Hunter Creek
Hunter Creek, Cape Leveque
Kooljaman west beach
The red cliffs at Kooljaman keep calling you back

Cruise the horizontal falls

The horizontal falls are a highly rated natural phenomenon that occurs as the tides change in the Kimberley. There are a number of tours that take you through the horizontal falls while they are rushing, and the experience is unbelievable.

Check out the pink Lake

If you’ve never seen photos of the pink lake near Port Gregory, it is quite hard to believe. The lake is bright pink, and even the beaches in the area have pink beach sand!

Port Gregory Pink Lake
The Pink Lake at Port Gregory is hard to believe

Climb the Bicentennial or Gloucester Tree

The Pemberton region is a beautiful part of the world, and is home to a couple of huge trees that you can climb. The Dave Bicentennial Tree is a whopping 65 metre climb to the top, using nothing but your hands and feet on pegs that have been knocked into the tree. There’s a few places to stop on your way up, but even those who are good with heights will get a major adrenaline rush. 

You aren’t strapped in, and there’s not much that would catch you if you fell!

Pemberton tree climbing
Feel like climbing a giant tree?

Go caving at Margaret River

There’s a heap of stunning caves in the Margaret River Region, and different difficulty levels. For the average tourist a visit to any of the caves is stunning. If you want to push the boundaries a bit more though, you can do a variety of adventure caving tours where you climb through tiny gaps, and squeeze where few people get to go.

Caves at Margaret River
The caves at Margaret River are stunning

Tackle the downhill mountain bike trails

WA has a heap of brilliant downhill mountain bike trails. From Lane Poole Reserve through to Goat Hill, Collie, Denmark and Margaret River, you’ll find something to suit your level of skill.

Downhill at Dwellingup
Downhill Mountain Bike tracks in Dwellingup

See Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool

One of the most popular attractions in the Denmark region is Greens Pool, and Elephant Rocks. They are both spectacular, and with the upgrade that has recently finished it can be enjoyed by a huge number of people.

Greens Pool
Greens Pool near Denmark

Snorkel the Ningaloo Reef

Despite the Great Barrier Reef getting much of the attention, I’ve met quite a few people who’ve said that the Ningaloo Reef is far better for snorkeling. Dive into the most amazing underwater world ever, with bright coral, sharks, a huge array of fish and some of the best coral bombies you’ll find anywhere.

Find a perfect beach all to yourself

If there’s one thing you can do in WA, its find yourself a slice of beach. You should be able to find somewhere there’s not a single soul for miles and miles, and the feeling is quite surreal. 

Amazing beaches
WA has hundreds of amazing beaches where you’ll be the only one there

Watch the sunset at Yardie Creek

Yardie Creek is a stunning location, and if you have the opportunity to watch the sun go down whilst on the walk trail, its absolutely worth it. You’ll see the rock wallabies come out and check out the amazing reflections; it really is incredible.

Yardie Creek Sunset
Sunset at Yardie Creek is beautiful

Explore Shothole Canyon and Charles Knife

The Exmouth region is fantastic, but so many people miss out on the attractions that are less well known. We absolutely loved Shothole Canyon and Charles Knife; it was scenery that we weren’t expecting and it is mind boggling.

Shothole Canyon is spectacular
Absolutely mind blowing views at the end of Shothole Canyon

Slip into the warm waters of Zebedee Springs

There’s nothing quite like sliding into the warm waters of Zebedee Springs at El Questro. With perfectly warm water that’s so clear you can hardly see it, you’ll be in paradise. Get in early, and head to the top pools where its warmest, and you have the most room.

Zebedee Springs
Zebedee Springs are warm, crystal clear and beautiful

Walk down shell beach

Not far from Denham lies Shell beach, made entirely of shells. You literally crunch your way down the ‘beach’ to the water, and they even mine them from here. The shells naturally wash in, and there are probably millions of them.

Shell Beach Shark Bay
Shell beach, made entirely from little shells

Do the Holland Track

The Goldfields region doesn’t get a lot of publicity, but the huge open expanses are some of the most peaceful you’ll enjoy. With a 4WD in spring, you’ll have an amazing time on the Holland track. Just avoid the big bog holes if you value your 4WD!

Holland Track
The Holland Track is a lot of fun in a 4WD!

Take the 4WD track to Kalgans Pool

One of the most entertaining 4WD tracks we’ve done in the Pilbara is on the way to Kalgans Pool. The mines in the area pump water to this region, and you drive through what seems like endless little creeks before finally arriving at a pristine pool with spectacular views.

Kalgans Pool Newman
The drive to Kalgans Pool is a heap of fun

Explore the 60 best camp sites close to Perth

We have some amazing places you can spend a night or two near Perth, and right here on 4WDing Australia we wrote the 60 best camp sites close to Perth post; how many have you done?

Camping around Perth
One of 60 amazing camp sites close to Perth; Bolinda Vale

Catch a painted crayfish in the Pilbara

The Western Rock Lobster might be the prized catch, but there’s something incredible about catching a huge painted crayfish for lunch or dinner. You’ll find these all over the Pilbara, and they are delicious with some garlic butter.

Cleaverville crayfish
Painted crayfish and garlic butter is divine

See the Mitchell Falls in person

The sound of thousands of litres of water rushing down the Mitchell Falls is truly something else. The drive out is pretty hard on your 4WD, and after a couple of hours hiking you’ll arrive at one of the most amazing scenes you’ll ever see. Catch a chopper on the way back if you like, and breathe in the Kimberley.

Mitchell Falls in the Kimberley
The Mitchell Falls in all their magnificence.

Appreciate the gorges in Kalbarri

Kalbarri has some of the best inland, and coastal gorges around. Couple them with the new skywalk, and coastal walk paths you are able to really get up and close. 

Kalbarri Coastal Gorges
Walking the Kalbarri Coastal Gorges

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